Monday, January 14, 2013

Crafty Aspirations

So our apartment is now (basically) tidy and ready for visitors and dinner parties and maybe even overnight guests (little sisters, are you reading this?) so we've arrived at the fun part of nesting: decorating.  I've been subscribed to various DIY and interior design blogs for ages now, but it's time I actually do the things I've bookmarked.

I don't know if I'm setting any sort of deadline for myself to complete these projects, but here are some little things I want to do for our little apartment:

photo by Angus McRitchie / image via Apartment Therapy
I've got a couple of glass bottles on hand now, but I'm also going to hit up some thrift stores for tall, thin vases.  I'm going to do mine in reds and purples and let them decorate the shelf that hangs above our gas fireplace, acting as a mantle.

image via Berry Red
Again with the super simple: wooden letters via Michaels + red paint = awesome!  And I just picked up a couple of super cheap shelves to hang in the kitchen, a perfect place for the word EAT.

image via View Along the Way
I'm going to sew curtains for the master bedroom in a nice grey.  I'm hoping a vertical stripe- I haven't gone fabric shopping yet.

image via Nike at Choose to Thrive
I need some sort of mail organizer that includes a place to hang keys, in an effort to clear the clutter off our kitchen counters.  While I've found a cute purchase-able option, I kind of feel the need to make one.  The one pictured above is cardboard covered in fabric which is super clever and also rather easy.

photo by She's No Martha / image via Apartment Therapy
I want a little bar cart / liquor cabinet for the dining room...something smallish with preferably a door or two where we can store things like glasses and spirits.  I'd been considering what Ikea has to offer, but now I'm thinking I can go the Craigslist / thrift store route and rescue some ugly, old furniture.

What are your favorite blogs to read for DIY and decorating inspiration?  Do you have any home decor crafts lined up on your to-do list?

Much love,
The Geeks

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