Monday, January 28, 2013

Lifescouts: Sydney Opera House

Time for another Lifescouts badge!

image via Lifescouts
How Mrs. Geek Earned the Sydney Opera House Badge

Back when we were planning the wedding, I told you all about Father Ninja, and how he earned that nickname while we attended World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia.  While we were in Sydney, we did as much site-seeing as we could, in addition to the WYD activities, scripture studies, prayer services, and Masses.  Obviously Sydney Opera House was one of the photo-ops we went for.

my fabulous sister and me- and yes, that's a Hokie Bird on my head // {personal photo}
We poked around the gift shop, walked through the inside, and watched a praise concert from the steps after the sun went down.

I loved Sydney- it's really a nice city, kind of reminds me of New York, but with more kangaroo steaks- and I'd love to go back with Mr. Geek, maybe see an actual show in the opera house.

Have you earned the Sydney Opera House Lifescouts Badge?  Have you ever been to Australia?  Have you ever been to a World Youth Day celebration?

Much love,
The Geeks

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