Friday, March 22, 2013

Oh, Internet...{12}


image via Cheezburger
SO excited for this movie!  // image via Hypable

Tetris is so much harder (and more fun?) this way.

Seriously watch Mental Floss on YouTube.

Pro-tip: If somebody makes you uncomfortable, be an adult and say something to them.  Don't do what this childish woman did- it got her fired (rightfully so).

I realize this is a rather short post this week- I guess I've just been too busy for the internet!  How about you?

Much love,
The Geeks

Oh, Internet... is inspired by Kaelah Bee's Things I Love Thursday posts.


  1. AH! My husband and I were just talking about Star Trek- SO pumped for that movie!

  2. Me too! I hadnt seen anything Star Trek until the first JJ Abrams movie and I loooooooooooooooved it.