Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wedding Recaps: The Boys Get Spiffy

The night before the wedding, when we were setting everything up for the reception, Mr Geek must have set his phone down somewhere and something must have been set on top of it because- you guessed it- it got smushed.  Interestingly enough, the screen didn't break- just the LCD panel behind it, meaning he couldn't see a thing.  He panicked- he'd saved all the information about the wedding night hotel on his phone, and he'd told his attendants to text him in the morning when they were on their way over to get ready.  I got a panicked phone call from his mom's phone number just before I got in bed- he was calling to explain what happened and that he was panicking about the hotel information...I reminded him that we still had my phone, and he could log into his email on that as we headed out of town to get all of the check-in information again.  Reassured, he told me he loved me and that he was so excited for the next day, then proceeded to call all of his friends to give them his mom's phone number so that they could text that instead.  Needless to say, Mr. Geek did not get to bed at a decent hour that night (especially since we hadn't even started our set-up until after midnight).

Luckily for Mr. Geek, he got to sleep in later than I did the morning of the wedding, because getting ready festivities for boys are much faster than they are for girls.

Also, getting ready is apparently hilarious for boys.  I know this because somebody is laughing in almost every single photo of these guys getting dressed.  If it weren't for Mr. Geek's Best Woman, I'm not sure these boys would've made it to the church on time- they would've just sat around laughing and goofing off!  I wonder what's so funny about getting dressed...

Remember the bow ties I made for the boys?

And remember the boutonnieres?


Seriously though, I owe a lot to Mr. Geek's best friend and Best Woman-

-without her, the boys may have spent all afternoon like this:

Do you know if your groom got a good night's sleep before The Big Day?  Did he spend the morning of the wedding goofing off while he got all spiffed up?  Are you super jealous of how quickly guys are able to get ready?

*all photos by One Photo Gallery*

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