Friday, May 22, 2015

Oh, Internet... {69}

We're getting on an airplane tonight!

Like, really late tonight.

Like, 10pm tonight.

It was the only flight available that would allow us both to work a full work day today and still leave tonight as opposed to tomorrow (but only just).  Please, please say some prayers that we'll make it in one piece and with minimal tears and/or screaming...

More pleasant than a late night flight- the awesome things on the internet this week!

I don't want to be a girl boss.  Preach.  I'd like to make and do and create but I don't want to manage.  I will never make it to the boardroom, and I hate that modern feminism sees this as detrimental to womankind.

If you feed them, they will come.  I always thought it was a southern thing, but I, too, associate food with hospitality.

Finally: a defense of children at weddings!  Are kids loud and messy and unpredictable?  Yes!  Does that mean they will absolutely ruin your special day?  No!

And for some crafty inspiration:

10 Colorful Dip Dyed DIY Projects

5 Ways to Repurpose a Drawer

What awesome things happened on your internet this week?

Much love,
The Geeks

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  1. I'm with you - I do not want to manage! I enjoy creating, doing, and being a hard worker but managing is NOT my thing! :) Happy Memorial Day!!