Saturday, September 24, 2016

Oh, Internet... {88}

Urgh.  Going back to work after vacation sucks.  I only worked two days this week- I specifically scheduled an extra day off after we got back in town to grocery shop and just generally recover from our trip- but those two days felt like twenty.

The highlight of this back-to-the-grind week?  These awesome things on the internet!

On the list of things I "need" from ThinkGeek we can now add this LED twinkling stars skirt.

Oh, Joy! has added OMG and YAY to the collection of letter vases found at Target (previously you could buy OK in stores, I think they're still available online).  I think I'm going to get the YAY ones to use for birthdays and such :)

Apparently I need to up my game for "wacky hair day" at school- here are some ideas on Make It and Love It!

Better than Eden has a genius list of things people need to hurry up and invent.

Bean In Love shows that the only thing better than sewing for one little girl is sewing for twin little girls :)

Shayla at Northern Exposure is celebrating four years of marriage to her lovely husband- go congratulate them!

There is a beautiful piece about moments of grace over on Erring on the Side of Love that had me nodding my head the whole time.

I really needed this reminder from Haley that although it seems like certain actions or habits are required in order to be a holy woman, it turns out you can be good and holy without them.

Along the same lines- ever notice how it's seemingly cool nowadays to bash your kids, your husband, motherhood itself?  Kristina at Calidrab talks about how maybe it's a good idea to take a break from that thinking every now and then.

There is a heartbreaking reflection this week over on Elizabeth Ministry that is exactly what I needed to read (and maybe I'll read it a few more times to make sure it sticks).

What all have you been reading this week?

Much love,
The Geeks

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