Monday, October 10, 2016

Family Costume Inspiration Round-Up

I'm sure you can tell by now that Hallowe'en is my all-time-favorite holiday.  I'm such a big kid at heart, and I've always loved assembling creative costumes for myself, so having two other people to dress up is like a dream come true!  (No joke, I actually had a dream once, before I was pregnant- or at least, before I knew I was pregnant- that I was up late finishing family Winnie the Pooh costumes...I might have a problem.)

My parents never joined in on the costume fun when I was little, but because I enjoy dressing up so much myself, I see no reason to let my little one have all the fun!  You've seen our past costumes- but what about some other inspiration for group costumes?

via The Sew & Tell Project
The Sew & Tell Project is run by two amazingly talented women who have made all sorts of beautiful outfits.  Check out this post to see how Eleri put together these coordinating Little House on the Prairie costumes!

via The Sew and Tell Project
And here are Emily's incredibly detailed and beautiful Zorro costumes.  You can check out more sewing inspiration from the Sew and Tell Project on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

via Love Our Crazy Life
Becca from Love Our Crazy Life has an adorable and super simple DIY father-and-son Wreck-It Ralph costume tutorial!  (Check her out on Instagram too!)

via Make it and Love it
Make It and Love It always does incredible family costumes every year- her children are adorable and her talent is peerless.  My personal favorite was the Tangled crew, mostly because that little chameleon is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen :)  (Also her Pinterest is seriously drool-worthy.)

And then of course there are All Saints Day costumes!  (Two occasions to wear costumes, back-to-back?  Awesome!)

Catholic Sistas has an amazing post of All Saints Day ideas- not just costumes!

And of course Kendra at Catholic All Year is the queen of Hallowe'en-turned-All-Saints costumes, because she's awesome.

So, are you inspired?  What will you and your family be wearing in just a few weeks?

Much love,
The Geeks

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