Saturday, June 24, 2017

Call for Prayer Requests

Hello everyone!  I realize I haven't posted since Easter, but we've been a little busy!  We moved (just across town) in early May, a certain tiny dancer had a recital, and, you know, we're getting ready for this little boy!

School photo
This is Miss Chief's pre-school spring photo- they brought in this glamor shots- type photographer who provided the outfit, props, and jewelry.  Apparently the big sister is officially not a baby anymore!

And here's our little diva at her first ever dance recital.  She did the cutest little jazz routine and we are so proud of her.  She overcame a bout of stage fright at the dress rehearsal, got out there, and did her absolute best.  Of course I got teary-eyed, and Mr Geek and I applauded louder than anyone else in that auditorium because she was just so very good.  The best part is she loves dance class and wants to continue, so we'll be doing classes every week this summer and fall, too!

My due date is just around the corner- June 29.  Last time, I was so focused on figuring out this whole childbirth thing that I didn't have the chance (or, if I'm being honest, the inclination) to offer up my labor.  This time, I'm feeling much more prepared, and I have some special intentions on my heart anyway, so I'd like to ask you, dear readers- is there anything I can pray for during labor?

Feel free to leave any prayer intentions either in a comment here, on my Facebook page, in a private message on Instagram, or in an email to ourgeekyadventure {at} outlook {dot} com !

I can't wait for you all to meet the little man!  Please pray for me, too- that this labor goes smoothly and that our baby boy is healthy.

Much love,
The Geeks