Friday, February 21, 2014

Oh, Internet... {41}

This may have been a short week, but boooooooooy am I tiiiiiiiiiiired.  I'm looking forward to a weekend spent snuggling with Chief!  Here's what happened on my internet this week:

View Along the Way is breaking all the rules!
image via CHEEZburger
Shayla at Northern Exposure is, as usual, much more eloquent about the emotions of new-motherhood than I could ever be.

The next Cormoran Strike novel by Robert Galbraith- er, J. K. Rowling- is being released in June!  Time to go pre-order...

A Pinch of Pixie Dust shared a look at the Club Level of the Polynesian Resort in WDW- we may have to think about spending a day or two at Club Level on our next trip...

This xkcd comic "Frequency" is a pretty cool animated .gif illustrating how often things happen.

What awesomeness happened on your internet this week?

Much love,
The Geeks


  1. Great finds, love the kitty photo LOL! I saw a post about the Club Level at AKL this week, man...I need some more moolah! We will be spending our April trip at POR. Thought about a few days at a deluxe but we'd rather take a longer trip right now, maybe someday though!

    1. I had never even considered the concept of doing a resort-only day at Disney (or otherwise not going into one of the parks) but if we shelled out the money for a day or two at club level (or even just at one of the more expensive resorts) then we definitely would.

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    1. Thanks for creating awesome things for the internet! :)