Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fashion Adventures: I Made Her a Skirt!

Today's Fashion Adventure is all about the cutest member of our family:

This little girl!

See, I had this white halter dress with a ripped seam along the back zipper, and I was going to repair it one day when I realized- this would make a really cute skirt for someone I know.

As with all simple sewing tutorials, I found this one on Make It and Love It.  I simply used a size 2T skirt as a guide to cut the skirt off the dress (adding a little bit extra to create a waistband).  Then I folded that extra length down to make a pocket for some 3/4" elastic.  I cut the elastic the exact measurement of the sample skirt's waist, fed it through the pocket, then overlapped the ends by 1" and stitched them together.  (Use that link above to get a more in-depth tutorial with photos.  It's super simple!)

Daddy called halfway through our photo shoot:

Onesie (which is officially too small now, I've finally come to terms with that): Zulily
Leggings: Koala Kids via Babies-R-Us
Skirt: handmade

Have you ever made any clothing for your little ones?  Isn't it gratifying to see someone wearing something you made yourself?  (Even if you didn't have to hem it, because you used the hemline from the dress...which isn't cheating, for the record, it's using your resources...)

Much love,
The Geeks

*all photos are personal*

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