Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To Start: A Bit About Us

 Hello hello hello!

I'm so excited for all of you to join me and Mr. Geek as we plan what will be the most important day of our lives thus far.  But I guess before we dive into the wedding talk I guess y'all should get to know us!

Dressed up as Umbridge for the HP7pt2 premiere // {personal photo}
I am a complete and total geek- if that isn't clear to you now, it will become painfully obvious as I post about our wedding plans.  I'm a Southern girl who managed to end up just outside Washington D.C. and still hasn't quite adjusted to the North.  I'm the oldest of three daughters, which means I'm a little bossy, a little maternal, and a little type-A.  I inherited my dad's creativity, daring, and engineering brain; I inherited my mom's passion, organization, and desire to take care of EVERYONE.  I met Harry Potter at age 12 and calculus at age 16 and in both cases, it was love at first sight.  I first started experimenting with sewing in middle school and finally got a machine for my 23rd birthday- a tool which is seeing a lot of use during wedding planning!

Mr. Geek proves he is tall enough to ride all the rides at Hershey Park // {personal photo}
Mr. Geek is also pretty nerdy, if you can't tell already.  He, too, was born and raised in the South and wound up here in Northern Virginia only because he was chasing me- not because he loves the traffic here.  Aside from his devastating good looks, his amazing sense of humor is what first made me fall for him.  He, too, sacrificed the best years of his youth in pursuit of an engineering degree, and the only visible scars left are a few grey hairs.  Mr. Geek is definitely not a hands-off groom and has almost as many ideas and opinions about the wedding day as I do!

So how did we meet, how did we fall in love, and how did he propose? 

 Lucky for you, we anticipated such questions, and with the help of Mr. Geek's friend Emile, created this nifty little video:


Much Love,
The Geeks

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