Monday, December 1, 2014

Culinary Adventures: Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

Sorry for the silence last week- our house was full of family members!  Two of Chief's aunts, one of her great grandmothers, and all of her grandparents came to visit this week for various lengths of time.  Everyone was here for Thanksgiving (except one of my sisters, who had to go home and go to work that day, because people who shop on Thanksgiving really suck) so we had an epic first birthday party in lieu of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

with her favorite birthday present, her toy puppy
It was a Minnie Mouse-themed party, so I made some Minnie Mouse cupcakes.  They were a big hit with everyone, so I figured I'd share a quick tutorial for how I decorated them.

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

-chocolate frosting
-miniature creme-filled chocolate wafer cookie sandwiches (say that 10 times fast!)
-red decorating icing (in a tube or piping bag)
-white sugar pearls

-Frost the cupcakes with an even layer of the chocolate frosting.  You could pipe a swirled peak, but I find that to be too much frosting for my taste.

-Press two of the miniature sandwich cookies into the frosting side by side so that they're standing upright, like ears.

-Pipe a small line of red frosting in front of the ears from the midpoint of one to the midpoint of the other to serve as the bow.

-Carefully arrange the sugar pearls on the bow to serve as the polka dots.


For Mickey cupcakes, you could skip the bow.  You could also just use plain chocolate wafer cookies instead of the sandwich cookies, but I'll bet you can guess which is more delicious.  Use any flavor cupcake you want, but for maximum awesomeness, chocolate is best.

She loved it :)

What kind of cake did you make for your little one's first birthday party?

Much love,
The Geeks

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