Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Break Adventures

Last Monday, when I shared our Easter photos, I briefly mentioned that we were on our way to the beach for a week.  It was such a fun week!  I'm so sorry I neglected the blog while we were gone but we really devoted the week to doing nothing- and also the internet was really slow ;)  Little Chief handled the plane rides magnificently- she slept a bit on both flights and was quiet and content when she was awake.  We were both terrified that we'd be everyone's worst nightmare with a screaming, crying toddler, but she really liked looking out the window, eating her Goldfish crackers ("fishies"), walking up and down the aisle a few times, and playing with her Little People princess dolls.  We spent almost every day lounging on the beach on Marco Island, and while she loved running and playing in the sand, it took a few days for her to warm up to the concept of getting in the ocean- though she loved talking about the "oshee" the whole time we were there.  Some nights used the poolside grills to make burgers or barbecue chicken, but most nights we ate out and fantastic local seafood and steak restaurants.  Mr. Geek and I had a date night to go see Cinderella (finally- and it was amazing!) and enjoy a swanky dinner.  We took a break from the sand for one afternoon to go to the Naples Zoo, where Little Chief helped her Grandpa (who she calls "Meega"...I'm not sure where that pronunciation comes from but we think it's adorable) feed a giraffe and she and I rode on a camel!  Now we're all a little pink in the cheek and so very well rested, but bummed about going back to the real world.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw snapshots of our week, but here are a few (okay, a lot) more pictures of our week:

Are you going on a Spring Break vacation this year?  Where are you going?  Have you ever taken your toddler to the beach?

Much love,
The Geeks

*all photos personal*


  1. Looks like a great trip! I LOVE your hat!!

    1. Thank you! It's perfect for my vampire-like complexion :)