Monday, May 14, 2012

Planning for the Happiest Honeyoon on Earth

You'll recall from my last (real) post that we've decided to go to Walt Disney World for our honeymoon because we are equal parts adorable and crazy.  Effectively planning a trip to Disney can be almost as intense and time-consuming as planning a wedding; I couldn't let go of the reins (or the money, for that matter) to hire a wedding planner, but I had absolutely no problem working with a travel agent.  Mr. Geek's parents had used a travel agent to plan their family vacations at Disney, and at first, we'd considered using the same agent.

Then I heard about Dreams Unlimited.

via Dreams Unlimited website
I was asking for travel agent suggestions from people at work, and several people recommended this website.  At first, Mr. Geek and I were wary of the fact that this was a website- we wanted to meet with someone in person to discuss our options.  However, the more I read about Dreams Unlimited, the more we realized that visiting someone's office wasn't really necessary- besides, finding a time during regular business hours when we're both free is about as doable as finding The's possible, just not easy.

screen capture of The Lamp Post Station from LOST // via
So, just what about Dreams Unlimited makes them so attractive?

Well first of all, they have this nice little graphic on their website:

This means we can be assured that the rates they find for us are, you know, real, and the fine print won't change on us when we show up in Orlando.  It also means that they receive a commission directly from Disney and their services are completely free of charge for us.

I'll refer you to their FAQ page for the rest of the attractive details, but suffice it to say that they are constantly checking the discounts Disney puts out to see if any can be applied to our reservation to save us every bit of money they can- that way all we had to do was fill out a nice little survey with the pertinent details like when we want  to check in, how long we want to stay, and which resort we want to stay in, then focus our attention back on wedding planning and let Kim Harkness, our fantastic agent, do the rest for us!

So just what are those pertinent details?  You'll have to stay tuned to find out!

Have you ever used a travel agent to plan a vacation before?  Did you use one for your honeymoon?

Much Love,
The Geeks

**I was in no way compensated for this review of Dreams Unlimited.  Just wanted to share my enthusiasm for an amazing service!

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