Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nail Polish and Other Unimportant Details

I have a super long list of things to do, many of which involve my sewing machine.

So, obviously, I'm focusing my attention on less important things that really don't matter at the moment.

Like nail polish.

I don't do my nails very often.  When I was little, I used to paint a different color on each nail- that was The Big Thing in middle school.  I've only ever gotten a manicure twice in my life- senior prom (when I got my one-and-only pedicure, aka the best thing ever invented) and just before BM MrsL's wedding.  For prom, I got a French manicure, but for MrsL's wedding, I tried something a little different.  I don't have any pictures of my nails from that wedding, but I've since re-created the style myself.

Showing off my nail polish skills.  Also my ring. // {personal photo}
Have you ever seen this before- one finger painted a different color than the rest?  When I got it done for MrsL's wedding, the girls thought maybe I was "trying to send a message" because Mr. Geek and I weren't yet engaged, and that particular finger was the one that got the different color.  I swore up and down that this was A Thing and I swear I wasn't trying to send any messages!  (OK maybe I was.  But it's also A Thing!)

image via Courtney L J
image via The Dating Divas
image of Beyonce via BellaSugar
See, look- BEYONCE does it.  It's totally A Thing!

I'm not entirely sure I'm going to pay for a manicure on the big day, mainly because I'll have a million other things to do (because I'm worrying about nail polish right now instead of working on those things) but I'll certainly paint them myself- or maybe my sister will do it for me!  And then I'll paint hers.  Slumber party!

I really like this trend, and yes, okay, painting your ring finger a different color definitely accents an already-special finger.  Now the question is...what colors?

I'm thinking maybe I'll go super bright and use orange with green on my ring finger- those are our "secondary" colors that aren't getting a whole lot of airtime compared to the purple and red.  Ooooor I could do orange with red on the ring isn't quite maroon, but it would be a nice nod to my alma mater!  Or green with purple...or purple with red...or orange with green...or...or...or...

Are there any nail polish trends attracting your attention right now?  Do you prefer to do your nails yourself or have them done?

Much love,
The Geeks

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