Thursday, May 10, 2012


I realize there was no post yesterday.

There will also be no post tomorrow.


I'm on a business trip at the moment, returning today, and simply have not had time to blog!  Does that make me a bad bride? :(

To tide you over, here are some wedding-related blog posts from people far more interesting than me:

Saying Yes to the Pants by Miss Treasure on Weddingbee
             -This isn't so much a post as a link to a hilarious video

Those People are Models on Offbeat Bride
             -Those achingly beautiful, perfect couples on your photographer's website?  They're probably not a real couple, they were probably hired for those photos.  Those gorgeously styled shots where everything is in its place and no one is stressed out in the slightest?  That's probably not an actual wedding, but a styled photo shoot.

Something Like Zen on A Practical Wedding
              -Hey guess what- wedding planning is stressful sometimes!  And you might have to ask for help!  AND THAT'S OKAY!

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