Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hot Mommas

Previously, on Our Geeky Adventure

-Our wedding will be casual, but not tooooooo casual
-We're using a fall-themed color palette with accents of grey and silver
-I've got a dress, my bridesmaids have dresses...

 [Standard Mr-Geek-Don't-Click-That-Link Disclaimer applies]

...but two other very important women didn't have dresses- yet.

Part of our Week of Wedding Work involved taking both my mom and Mr. Geek's mom shopping for their dresses while Daddy Geek, Mr. Geek, and my sisters went to play at the lake.  (And got sunburned.  And considered pulling a prank on me to make me think my car had crashed into said lake.)

Before we went shopping, I had three basic requirements for their dresses:

-MOB in red, MOG in grey/silver
-knee- or cocktail-length dresses
-they should NOT look like your traditional MOB/MOG dresses

The three of us hopped in Mom Geek's car and drove the two hours to Birmingham, the nearest big mall.  (Auburn has a mall, but it's kinda tiny.  Also, it's Auburn.)

First we went to Macy's.  Mom Geek found several options, but there weren't really any grey options for FMIL Geek.  Mom Geek only had to try on two dresses before we found a winner!  I didn't take a picture of Option #1 because it didn't quite fit her right, and we had planned to find a better size if Option #2 didn't work.  But she absolutely loved Option #2- and it's easy to see why!

*all images in this post are personal photos*

That face is because she's mid-sentence in a discussion about hairstyles.  Also, I'm not hiding as well as I thought I was.
Doesn't she look hot??  The hem falls just below the knee, the ruffles bring a little bit of spice, and the cut narrows in her waist.  I wish I had recorded the little dance she was doing when she came out of the dressing room!  We're going to find her a pair of comfortable shoes with a slight heel so she can pose for pictures and dance all day.  Initially, I figured silver, like the bridesmaids, but this dress would look even hotter with a little black pump, methinks.  And since we were talking about hair when I snapped this picture, I'll go ahead and mention- my mom looks gorgeous with her hair down, like in this shot, so I'm thinking nice full curls pinned back from her face with some sort of jeweled comb or barrette to pump up the volume a little bit.  What do y'all think?

The only real option we found for FMIL Geek was pretty, but not a winner, so we moved on.  I thought it looked great on her though!

Flattering, but almost too formal compared to the MOB dress
So it was off to Belk!

We found a LOT of options at Belk, but we were all pretty picky.

Whoops, out of focus.
This dress had FMIL Geek dancing around but we still have several other dresses to try!

Cute cap sleeves!
We liked this dress, but again, it felt a liiiiittle too formal.  Maybe because of the shiny fabric?

not sure what was so funny here, LOL
I wasn't really a fan of this dress, even on the rack.  The color was a bit more lilac than silver, the vee was a little too deep, and I didn't understand the placement of the buttons.  Next!

We were considering moving on to another store, and FMIL Geek was changing back into the clothes she'd come in.  I was messing with some dresses just outside the dressing rooms- you know, the rack full of clothes that didn't fit people or that they just didn't like, waiting to be put back where they came from- when we found an adorable little grey dress.  Only, that was just the problem- it was little.  FMIL Geek was in love with it, though, and we were determined to find it in her size.  She set off, scouring the racks, and I found a sales consultant.  After complimenting me on my shoes, he told me that this particular dress was being marked down a second- perhaps third- time, and therefore there were few left.  He couldn't tell me exactly where to find it, only motioned vaguely in the direction labeled "dresses" where we were already searching every rack.  "Good luck" was the only advice he could offer.

Disappointed, I carried around the tiny dress, heading towards a cashier, with the hopes that she could scan it and let us know if the size we needed was even in stock.

And then we hit the jackpot.

FMIL Geek practically skipped up the aisle towards me, THE dress in her size in hand.

"I found it!" she squealed, and we hurried back to the dressing room.

(In the meantime, I'd found another grey dress for her to try on.  Before I had a chance to put it back, Mom Geek snatched it from me and tried it on.  It looked gorgeous on her, so she actually walked away with TWO dresses on this shopping trip- double success!)

So here's the winning dress, ladies (and gentlemen?):

The color is perfect, as is the length.  The ruffles give the dress fun movement, and the crochet waistband is not only slimming, but also brings the dress a step or two back from super-formal.  And most importantly, she felt gorgeous in it!

So what do y'all think, readers?  Don't these mommas look hot??

What did your mom wear to your wedding?  Your groom's mom?

Much love,
The Geeks

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