Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dance Dance Dance Dance

{This is a post about specific wedding details that some of our guests may wish to be surprised by.  If you are coming to our wedding and don't want to know ahead of time our plans for the father/daughter and mother/son dances, please don't read any further!}

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-We're trying to decide between princess music and rockstar music for our first dance...

As I've mentioned before, I really have no problem being in the spotlight.  Mr. Geek, on the other hand...he's a bit more introverted.  I've taught him how to dance, and he really likes dancing with me- in fits of sappy romance, he's been known to twirl me around to music playing only in his with no discernible rhythm, apparently, but we manage- but otherwise dancing in public (unless heavily intoxicated) is just not his cup of tea.  So, at first, we considered minimizing the dancing-with-parents bits of the reception- not eliminating them, because I knew my parents would want those traditions to stay around, but perhaps shortening the whole affair.

I suggested that we just pick one song that's generic and uplifting and sweet without being overtly daddy-and-his-little-princess, and do a joint father-daughter and mother-son dance.  Mr. Geek was completely on board- and I already had a song in mind.

I have no logical explanation for this, but I've always associated "The Rainbow Connection" with my dad.  No idea why.  I think maybe it has something to do with the fact that, in my dad's massive record collection, he has the soundtrack to The Muppet Movie...and in general he's a fan of Kermit...but I really don't know why that song is connected so strongly in my memory with my dad.

Well, when The Muppets came out last year, Disney rounded up a bunch of artists to cover old Muppet classics in The Green Album which I obviously purchased and listen to frequently :)  So guess what song is on this album...

So, I volunteered this as our parent-child song and it was well-received.  Score!  Easy decision!  Out of the way!

Oh, if only.

In February, we went to my cousin's wedding, and it was beautiful.  Obviously, when you're engaged, going to someone else's wedding isn't quite the same as when you're single.  Sure, you get emotional at the vows and ooh and ahh at the bride's dress and enjoy the food just like any other guest, but you're also paying attention to every little detail, looking for real-world inspiration and wondering if the choices you've made will turn out as well as this bride's choices.

After the father-daughter and mother-son dances at this wedding, as at many others, the DJ called all fathers out on to the dance floor to dance with their daughters, and all mothers to dance with their sons.

Um, hi.  We have to do this.  My dad has other daughters, after all!

But this means more songs.

There are a plethora of father-daughter songs out there.  It was really just a matter of avoiding the cheesy (Seriously can we just officially retire "Butterfly Kisses" to the Crappy Music Vault?) and narrowing it down to something reasonable.  How about this?

(okay so ignore the weird Sims video and just listen to the song)

Mother-son songs are a bit more rare, and if you thought father-daugher songs were cheesy...urgh.  The pickings are slim.

But I have this song hidden in my music collection, and,'s sob-worthy, but in a good way.


Nope, not perfect.  I keep over-analyzing this decision, keep coming up with different scenarios...

What if we abandon the everybody-else-and-their-kids dances and just have our own individual dances with our parents?  My dad and I could do "The Rainbow Connection" and Mr. Geek and his mom could do "Forever Young" and then we can just launch into a regular dance party after that.  Buuuut we wanted to avoid too much time in the spotlight, so what if we stuck with the idea of having both pairs in the same song and use "Forever Young"?  Or maybe we should have all three?

Yeesh, I don't know, y'all.  Truth is, we like all three of these songs, and I'm not sure we've made our decision yet.  What do y'all think?

Much love,
The Geeks

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