Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Try Me

Previously, on Our Geeky Adventure

-My hair kind of sucks
-There are lots of pretty hairstyles out there...I just can't do them
-But that halo braid sure looks pretty...maybe a professional could do it?

So, Mom Geek drove me down to her hair stylist and we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

I brought along this photo, including step-by-step instructions from Wedding Chicks.  I wasn't sure if it would seem insulting to a professional hair stylist to bring along a tutorial from the internet for the style I wanted...but she thought it was awesome!

hair by // image via Wedding Chicks
I said in my last post that I was highly skeptical of anyone's ability to make my hair do something as complicated as this and stay that way, professional or not.

Well, ladies (and gentlemen?) I'm glad to say- I was WRONG!

self portrait with our awesome new camera // {personal photo.  obviously.}
Because I have much less hair than the model's, the braid is thinner and doesn't overlap- it makes it around my head exactly once, the end tucking neatly behind the beginning.

it's hard to get used to manual focus after years of point-and-shoot // {personal photo}
Isn't that cute?  We were pretty shocked that she was able to accomplish this, and asked what the trick was.  Turns out she'd pretty much covered her hands in a pomade-type wax stuff as she was braiding, and added a dab or two as she went, so all the fly-aways were tamed and the hair cooperated.

whoops, out of focus again! // {personal photo}
Just for kicks, I slept in it to see how long it would last.  I got a whole two days out of this baby- probably could've gotten more, but I felt the need to wash my hair.  The only maintenance necessary was the addition of a few bobby pins to keep the tail tucked in!

Several times, my mom pointed out how "it looks like a halo!" to which I replied, "That's why it's called a halo braid." // {personal photo}
On day 2 of the trial run, I tried my dress back on with the veil (and forgot to take pictures.  Bad blogger!).  I stuck the comb of the veil just inside the braid at the back of my head and tossed the blusher over my face- and it looks AWESOME.  We'll probably have to use some bobby pin magic to keep the veil in place during the ceremony, but I won't be wearing it at the reception anyway.

Something about this hairstyle is just so...princess-y.  And therefore bridal, in my world!

So what do you think?  Have you ever tried this hairstyle before?  Do you think it looks bridal?

Much love,
The Geeks

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