Friday, July 27, 2012

Making a (Stylish) Getaway

Somehow, when we started planning this thing, I knew I didn't want to rent a limo for our wedding day transportation.  Yes, it would be super convenient to get the wedding party from the church to the reception site and would ensure that nobody lollygagged, but, aside from being an unnecessary expense (or at least a low-on-the-priorities-list expense), limos...well, they remind me of prom.

senior prom with my friend D // {personal photo}
Not that prom is a bad thing to be reminded of, it's just not the sort of association I'd like to make on The Big Day.

But there are other options for schmancy transportation!

image via Low Country Carriage LLC
Horse-drawn carriages are super romantic.  However, while I'm sure there are no shortage of horses in Alex City, finding a ride like this one would be much more difficult.  Plus, there's no way we'd fit the whole bridal party in this thing, which kind of defeats the purpose.  (Well, our purpose, anyway.)

photo by Jessica Velarde // image via Juneberry Lane
I love love LOVE the school bus trend, and I honestly considered this for a while.  However, I don't know how easy it is to acquire an old school bus, or to rent one from a school district during the fall, and again- transportation for the bridal party isn't much of a priority, budget-wise, so in the end, we passed this one up.  Besides, it's not on theme.  (That's how I convinced myself to stop lusting over pictures like this.)

So it looks like the bridal party will be carpooling in vehicles belonging to significant others, my parents, and/or my sisters.

And us?

Well, you already know that we'll be driving ourselves from the wedding to the honeymoon and then back home.  But guess whose car we're driving...

{personal photo}
 Meet Suzi, the first car I've ever purchased.  Ain't she a beauty?

driving Suzi to Alex City for the Week of Wedding Work in May // {photo by Mr. Geek}
Suzi is about a year and a half old now and has quite a bit of miles on her, but she's younger than Mr. Geek's car, Holly, who has seen juuuuuust a few more miles.

Does this mean I'll be the one driving us away from the reception...most likely, yes :D  Brides are totally allowed to drive the getaway car!  (I just hope the groomsmen keep the decorations tasteful.)

photo by Emilie Sommer // image via Ruffled
Do you have any creative transportation planned for The Big Day?  How are you making your getaway?  Do you name your vehicles like we do?

Much love,
The Geeks

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