Monday, July 30, 2012

Prepare to be Showered

Previously, on Our Geeky Adventure:

-My sister is an artist- a really amazing artist
-She's also my MOH
-I like vintage things (even though my hair doesn't always agree with the sentiment)

So, I received this in the mail the other day...

ugly blackouts to protect the innocent // {personal photo}
That right there is another original sketch by my awesome, wonderful, and amazing sister!

Oh- and it's also a bridal shower invite!  Woohoo!

You probably can't read it but at the bottom it says "Please wear your best pearls and dress for a 1950's housewife themed party!"

...okay so confession time: I kind of gave her that idea.  Tacky, right?  I hope not >.<  There have been countless retro housewife bridal showers to grace the interwebs, so I sent one I found on Offbeat Bride to my mom and sister just to say "Hey wouldn't this be fun...?"

But they ran with it from there :)  I've bought an adorable vintage-inspired dress from ModCloth (because, you know, I'm obsessed) and I cannot WAIT for this party.  I hear wooden spoons will be involved, and maybe even aprons...yay!

Did your bridal shower have a theme?

Much love,
The Geeks

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