Friday, July 20, 2012

STILL Not Meant to Be?

I know we were in the middle of a discussion about photographers, but a much more pressing issue has arisen.  Tune in next time for the gripping conclusion to Mr. and Miss Geek Search for a Photographer!

Previously, on Our Geeky Adventure:

-Our colors are inspired by fall leaves- purple, red, orange, and green
-My dress is second-hand and rather old [Mr. Geek, clicking that link may be hazardous to your health.  I cannot guarantee your safety, should you click that link.  Continue at your own risk.]
-After much consideration, flats seem to be the way to go, shoe-wise

So, I gave myself a bunch of rules for choosing a shoe, remember?

-Comfy enough to be worn all day
-No exposed toe
-A strap
-(At least) one of our wedding colors
-$60 or less, if possible

image via Team Starkid's merch shop.  // you should buy this shirt

This weekend, Mr. Geek and I were at the mall BUYING WEDDING BANDS, Y'ALL.  WEDDING BANDS.  THIS MAKES IT OFFICIAL.  (more on that later) and we wandered into Charlotte Russe because I just can't pass up a sale on cheaply made slightly trashy clothes.

They were having a "buy one get one for $12" shoe sale and as I am STILL in the market for a pair of shoes, I figured I'd look around.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the most epic glittery ankle booties EVAR.  Do they meet any of the requirements?  THEY MEET THE AWESOME REQUIREMENT!

{personal photo}
Mr. Geek actually convinced me to try them on- they are, he insisted, so me, and what better time to wear slightly ridiculous shoes than your wedding day?  They're pretty kick-ass, but there's just a couple of small problems.  First off, the height:

{personal photo}
You can't really tell in this shot, but those heels are probably a good 3" high, if not more, plus the front is sitting on a platform.  Mr. Geek kept saying it's not a big deal if they're comfortable, but then I told him to stand up and kiss me.  He didn't have to lean down.  Um, weird.  That's about the time he started backing off on his enthusiasm...

The only way I could describe them when wearing them was, "They're so...Ziggy Stardust!" to which Mr. Geek replied, "...and David Bowie is the definition of awesome.  What's your point?"

image via Fishbowl NY
Of course, my generation might be more apt to think that these boots are so Lady Gaga.  And they are- in that Lady Gaga tries too hard to be "cool".  I mean, I definitely have a thing for boots...

My "combat boots", worn most often with a short floral-printed dress // {personal photo}
yes, I am a "tuck my jeans into my boots" kind of girl // {personal photo}'s just that the combination of an unconventional shoe style, loud, sparkly color, and crazy height makes these boots just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiittle too much.

So I didn't buy them.

I did, however, buy a nice pair of flats from that online shop I adore so much- ModCloth.  (Along with an adorable dress to wear to my upcoming bridal shower!  Eek!)  Only...I'm not sure I like them either.

{personal photo}
They meet all the requirements...except perhaps the awesome part.  I mean, they're adorable, but...I don't know.  I think there are more negatives to these than positives.  First, there's the material:

disregard the jumbled mess of wires in the background // {personal photo}
So they're made of this flexible rubber-y stuff which is super comfortable but also not very supportive.  Methinks my feet might grow weary by the end of the reception.  I have an adorable pair of flats to change into at the reception if I end up going with heels, but I'd feel silly changing from one pair of flats to another pair of flats.

Then there's the shape- they're kind of narrow, and my feet are kind of...funky.  I have really narrow ankles and a really wide "box"- I'm not sure what you actually call it, but the part of your foot where the toes connect.  In a pointe shoe, the area at the toe is called the "box" and I always had to go with a wide box (and a narrow ankle).  Hooray for Gaynor Minden!

disregard the marks on my feet from the shoes I was wearing all day // {personal photo}
See how funky they make my feet look?  You can tell where the area around my arch appears to bulge out past the cut of the shoe.  Plus I have toe-cleavage.  Trashy.

I have 30 days from the day they shipped to return them for a refund which means I have...not a lot of time to decide if I want to keep them or not.

Finally- those cute flats I talked about for changing into?  Those would be these puppies- my oxfords:

{personal photo}
If I do end up using these as reception shoes, I plan to change out the laces with a brightly-colored ribbon.

I really, really like oxfords.  I think they're adorable.  I've been searching for oxfords in the wedding colors (and also the budget), but I haven't had any luck.  I've found silver ones, but my bridesmaids are wearing silver shoes, and I want to wear a bold color to stand out (because, you know, being the bride won't be standing out enough).

So folks, here's where you come in.  Vote quickly, because if I'm going to exchange the ModCloth shoes, I need to do it fast!

Should I:

-Wear the ModCloth shoes, so I can be done shopping
-Go back to Charlotte Russe and get the David Bowie shoes, because it's my wedding day and I deserve to be an absolute diva, even if it will look a little silly
-Keep looking for something that meets the requirements, especially the awesome bit
-Wear some awesome oxfords you have found for me on the interwebs at a link you will provide in the comments


Much love,
The Geeks

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