Friday, June 15, 2012


Previously, on Our Geeky Adventure:

-My girls picked out their dress
-I'm not quite sure what shoes to wear...
-...but I've got a hairstyle!

So now that I know I'm definitely having my hair done the morning of the wedding, we have a hair stylist available for my bridesmaids to use if they want to.  I'm going to let each girl decide on her own hairstyle so nobody feels like they're forced into a look that just doesn't work for them.  That might be a hairstyle they do themselves, or one they get our stylist to do.

I'm also letting the girls choose their own shoes.  My only requirement is silver (and, you know, not sneakers, as this is a church wedding) but the style of shoe is completely up to them- super high heels, flats, sandals...whatever works for each girl.

Finally, there's jewelry.  Once again, the girls can wear whatever they want with just a few guidelines- so if they don't normally wear a ton of jewelry, they don't have to.  All I ask is one "statement" piece of jewelry, be that a necklace, earrings, bracelet, or ring.  They're welcome to wear multiple pieces if they wish, but I know that, for example, my baby sister doesn't have pierced ears and therefore never wears earrings, so I don't want to mandate that everyone wear earrings.  If they go with metallic jewelry, I'm asking them to stick with silver (like the shoes) but if they want to wear something colorful, they have the whole palette to choose from.

Colors via Olympic and Valspar // collage assembled in Paint via me

I have quite the long list of tasks left to accomplish on my wedding to-do list, and I don't have much time for playing around.  Also, my friends and sisters are all stylish ladies perfectly capable of shopping for shoes, jewelry, and hairstyles on their own- they in no way need me to compile inspiration outfits to help them make their decisions.

But I love shopping!  And in the process of looking for hairstyles for myself, I found a ton of other cute looks that could work for them.

Sooooo I compiled some inspiration outfits!  Behold:

The Laid-Back Look
Alfred Sung D448 in majestic // The Heartbeat is On earrings via ModCloth // What's the Steel? Heel by BC Shoes via ModCloth // Katniss braid via Make Up Geek
The Rockstar Look
Alfred Sung D448 in majestic // Jennifer Love Hewitt image via She Knows // Mirror Mirror bracelet via Forever21 // Suedette High Cone Heels via Forever21 {unfortunately no longer available}
The Elegant Look
Alfred Sung D448 in barcelona // Carrie Underwood image via Taste of Country // Nello earrings by Amrita Singh // Cortesan Floral Bar by Irregular Choice
The Party Girl Look
Alfred Sung D448 in majestic // Flat Hoop Earrings via Forever21 // "Flirty Poof" hairstyle image via Seventeen // Darla by Type Z via Zappos
The Glam Goddess Look
Alfred Sung D448 in barcelona // Triple Threat faceted bangle via Kate Spade // Kate Beckinsale image via Cosmopolitan // Anabella by Ivanka Trump via Zappos
The Effortlessly Chic Look
Alfred Sung D448 in majestic // Caged Leatherette Wedge via Charlotte Russe // Leighton Meester image via Glamour // Ruby Radiance indie ring via Ruche
The Beautiful Badass Look
Alfred Sung D448 in majestic // Rhinestoned Loop Earrings via Forever21 // Ashlee Simpson image via Good Housekeeping // Zandra by Caparros via Zappos
Boy that was fun!

So if you were in my bridal party, what kind of shoes/jewelry would you wear?  Are you giving your ladies full reign over accessories or sticking to a specific look?  Do you find yourself spending time on things that aren't quite on your to-do list but justifying them by saying they're wedding-related and the actual important stuff can wait? :D

Much love,
The Geeks

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