Monday, May 20, 2013

Fashion Adventures: Let's Give This a Try

So remember when I said I wanted to try my hand at outfit posts?  I've been kind of intimidated by the idea, but I think it could be a fun challenge and an interesting addition to the blog.  I've actually done two little "fauxtoshoots" already, but the first was such an absolute FAIL that those pictures will (hopefully) never see the light of day.  I'd just about given up on the idea- I am so not a fashion blogger, and who wants to look at a pregnant lady posing awkwardly?- and then I discovered the lovely and fabulous Maria and her blog Dainty & Decadent.  She started her personal fashion blog to document her life and share her impeccable personal style.  And then she got pregnant!  She's still blogging photos of her perfectly-styled baby bump and she's just so charming to read.  While Maria's style is different from my own, I'd like to say she inspired me to give this outfit photo thing a real shot. 

These photos are nowhere near as gorgeous as hers, my hair is still awkwardly growing out, and I'm still trying to master basic things like posing and facial expressions, but I really liked this outfit and these shots didn't turn out too bad.  Let's see what you think!


These photos were actually taken on Mother's Day- 14 weeks and 3 days, for anyone keeping track of the baby bump.  We celebrated Mother's Day all weekend. Saturday, we had a little dinner-date at Reston Town Center, walked around and visited some of our favorite shops, then popped into Francesca's where I got to treat myself to a few necklaces, including this one.  After that, we saw The Great Gatsby with some of our friends- it's a fantastic movie, by the way.  Sunday, Mr. Geek had to work, but then we went to Mass in the evening and grabbed dinner at Ruby Tuesday, which my mom and I agree is the perfect after-Mass restaurant.  When we got home, I got to unwrap my official Mother's Day present- that adorable t-shirt from Think Geek that says "Loading...Please Wait" on the belly that I mentioned earlier.  (Somebody pays attention!)

Although the belly feels pretty huge nowadays, I'm pretty proud to say that none of the clothing in this outfit is maternity clothing.  Yes, the only pair of jeans left that still fit are my super old, relaxed-fit "fat jeans", and you can totally see where the tank is bunching up under the sweater, but whatever.  I'm not straining any seams, and I'm not wearing an elastic waistband!

Sweater: Steve and Barry's (thrifted)
Tank: Chadwick's
Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Francesca's Collections
Watch: Studio Time via Kohl's (different color, same style)
Jeans: Arizona Jean Co. via J C Penney
Shoes: Candie's via Kohl's

So, what do you think?  Way too awkward, or should I keep giving this a try?  Fellow moms- how long into the pregnancy were you able to make "regular clothes" work? 

Much love,
The Geeks

*all photos are personal, taken by the wonderfully talented Mr. Geek


  1. But elastic waistbands are sooo comfy. :P I'm still wearing some regular shirts and dresses -- Old Navy's 'tall' stuff is super stretchy and long! My maternity pants are a pain because I have no butt and thus nothing to hold 'em up. The in-between months are fun, huh?

    1. Haha they are indeed comfy, I just can't imagine replacing my entire wardrobe with them! I have 2 pairs of work pants from Motherhood Maternity- one that, amazingly, matches my suit from The Limited fairly well- and 3 pairs of shorts (they were on sale!!) but I didn't want to have to also buy elastic waist jeans... Although I hear Gap has some pretty darn cute maternity skinny jeans (oxymoron?) that I'm considering...

  2. You look gorgeous! Thank you so much for your sweet comments :-) Congratulations on your pregnancy! I love your necklace too.

    1. Thank you!! Again I hope I don't come across as creepy stalkerish...I was just so blessed to stumble across your blog recently and I'm so glad I did!

    2. Not creepy stalker at all! I love outfit posts and think you did an awesome job :-)

  3. At almost 27 weeks, I've been LIVING in leggings (well, ahem, I've been living in those since probably 8 weeks! LOL), dresses, shorts with stretchy hems (non maternity) and I've survived without a lot of maternity clothes. You look great! You'll find that T-shirts that are ruched for maternity specifically are great, and also saying bye to your jeans is sad :( LOL but it's a great journey

    1. I have put off buying maternity tshirts, too, just sticking to bigger tshirts I already have, but I can tell it's going to be necessary. And it is a great journey!

  4. That is a darn cute bump! (P.S. Hi, it's Mrs. Wizard :) )