Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So You Think You Can Choreograph? Part 2

Previously, on Our Geeky Adventure:

-MY FAVORITE SHOW EVAR is back for another awesome season!
-I have a tendency to visualize choreography when I hear a good song...and sometimes I associate songs with choreographers I would love to see create with that song
-Monday, I showed you the first half of my list of songs I'd like to see choreographed this season, and who I think would be up to the task

Time for more dance talk!  Here are the rest of my fantasy picks for this season of SYTYCD:

Mia Michaels - contemporary - After the Storm Mumford and Sons

Mia has a knack for making me cry with her choreography- partially because she chooses such emotional, beautiful music.  I've wanted her to create for a Mumford song for a while now- maybe this will be the season?

Lil' C - hip hop (krump) - Radioactive Imagine Dragons

I just think this song deserves an epic hip hop routine this season.  And not just any kind of hip hop routine- an intense, athletic, stomp-a-hole-in-the-floor krump routine. 

Jason Gilkison - waltz - I Put a Spell on You Screamin' Jay Hawkins

I've actually wanted to see  a stylized waltz to this song since I first started watching SYTYCD.  It could be a really fun character piece- a witch doctor a la Doctor Facilier (from The Princess and the Frog) and an unsuspecting debutante, or a vampire and Buffy!  I've really liked Jason Gilkison's pieces the past few seasons- they're entertaining, but they're also technically challenging for the contestants, like Ordinary Day:

Tyce Diorio - broadway - Honey Honey cast of Mamma Mia

I love Tyce's energy when he works with dancers- he's so positive and excited and he gets the dancers to not just execute his choreography but to really become his characters, which is important in a musical theater routine.  Sit Down, You're Rockin the Boat was the routine that solidified Katee as my favorite dancer of season 4:

Travis Wall - contemporary - Some Devil Dave Matthews

Some Devil is by far my favorite Dave Matthews album of all time- it's one I can just play all day long on repeat, not skipping any songs, going about my day in a better mood because Dave is providing the soundtrack.  So couple an amazing song with the amazing choreography talents of Travis Wall and I figure we'd get an amazing routine :)

 Dmitry Chaplin - latin ballroom - Feel This Moment Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera

Confession time: I kind of hate Pitbull.  Another confession: I kind of love this song.  If anybody else is in the car with me, I change the channel when it comes on the radio.  If I'm by myself...I crank it up and belt out Christina's part (even though I have a terrible singing voice).  It's such a cheesy, over-the-top song that's trying so hard  to be sexy...which makes it perfect for a latin ballroom routine.  (But Dmitry doesn't have to try hard to be sexy.)

Did you watch last night's auditions?  Do you have any songs you'd like to see on this season?

Much love,
The Geeks


  1. Ugh, didn't catch it live and now having a hard time finding the ep to watch! And I forgot the Turn to Stone routine, loved that.

    1. There's another audition episode on right now....:D