Friday, May 3, 2013

Oh, Internet... {15}

Yay Friday!  Tomorrow Mr. Geek and I are heading to concert and we're pretty excited!

Here's some of the awesomeness from my internet this week:

I'm Professor Kissy Pants- how about you? // image via Cheezburger
I could write a whole post on haters... // image by Ann Friedman via BoingBoing

I was skeptical at first, but I think I want a Google Glass...just not quite yet.  Give them a few years to work out the kinks...but the concept of a heads-up display for a smartphone is very intriguing.  I wants it.

Starkid released the cast list for Twisted!  Mr. Geek and I are contemplating a trip to Chicago to see this show live, though we didn't contribute to the Kickstarter.  Guess we'll have to make up our minds quickly when general tickets go on sale!

The EFF has released this year's "Who Has Your Back?" results!  Lulz, Verizon- you suuuuuck.

What awesomeness happened on your internet this week?

Much love,
The Geeks

Oh, Internet... is inspired by Kaelah Bee's Things I Love Thursday posts

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