Monday, April 28, 2014

She's Not Wearing That.

Baby clothes.

I love them, I really do.  Chief's wardrobe is probably twice as large as it should be because I can't stop myself from buying her stuff- and neither can her friends and family!  But as much as I love all things tiny, there are some baby clothes that are off-limits for our little girl.

1. Anything that says "spoiled" or "diva".

via Toys R Us
 You can't spoil a baby.  If I nurse her every time she's fussy or pick her up every time she cries, I'm not "spoiling" her, I'm tending to her needs- her need for nourishment and her need for comfort.  However, you can spoil a toddler or a preschooler.  You can buy her every toy she demands or fall over yourself to provide the cookie she cries over.  And I just don't think it's cute to joke about that kind of attitude.  "Hahaha, she's going to be incapable of taking care of herself as an adult because she's always had everything handed to her!  LOL!  Isn't that adorabe?"

2. Anything that alludes to dating or flirting.

via Kohl's
 She's not even 6 months old yet, why would you talk about her dating?  She might smile at you or otherwise goad you into paying attention to her, but she's not flirting with you- she's an infant!  She's learning how to interact with other human beings and it's exciting for her to hear people talk to her.  But I think what bugs me most about this particular onesie is the idea that you can literally lock up your daughter and prevent her from interacting with boys when she gets older.  Parents that don't let their daughters talk to boys end up being grandparents way, way earlier than they wanted to be.

3. Anything immodest.

via Kohl's
 I don't mean sexually immodest- although I do think it's ridiculous to put a baby girl in a string bikini, especially if you're going to find the same garment inappropriate on a teenage girl- I mean lacking humility.  It's one thing to tell your baby girl that she's the prettiest little girl in the whole world- it's another to have her proclaiming it to the world herself.  Would you want your 6-year-old saying "I know," instead of "Thank you," when somebody compliments her?  I knew plenty of pretty girls in high school who knew they were pretty- as in, they were obsessed with their appearances and used their good looks to their advantage.  I don't want to encourage that kind of behavior in our little girl, and slogans like this just play up that attitude but, again, people seem to think that it's cute or funny.

4. Animal print.

via Kohl's
  Ok so I'm actually a little lenient on this one.  A friend bought her a jumper dress in zebra print which she's worn at least twice (which is a big deal around here when most things are only worn once and then outgrown) and another friend bought her some cheetah print bibs which are adorable.  I think my aversion to animal print baby clothes stems from those that are ugly, like the one pictured above, and those with the word DIVA printed in sparkly letters across the chest.

5. Obviously anything UVa.  Or Auburn.  Or, you know, just blue and orange together at all.

via Cavalier Team Shop
 Ew.  Gross.

What kinds of baby clothes make you cringe?

Much love,
The Geeks

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