Friday, April 11, 2014

Faithful Friday: Patience

I won't pretend like Chief is patient all the time.

If we're out in public and she's hungry, and Mr. Geek isn't with us to distract her, and I have to wrestle with the stupid nursing cover and then unbutton or lift up my shirt and then hold her in the right position when I can't really see her face and then unclip my nursing tank top and then get her close enough to latch all while holding her with one hand because there are no pillows around...she gets impatient.  She starts to whine- cry even, if she's tired or really, really hungry- but all is forgiven when she's finally able to latch.

So, yes, she's 5 months old, and when she needs something- to be fed, to be changed, to be held- she needs it now.

But there are times when she is patient- exceedingly so.

Like when I can't decide what she should wear, and I pull multiple onesies and skirts and leggings from her closet and hem and haw over the combinations, and she just lies there in her crib, staring at me and occasionally giggling if I ask her which one she likes best.  She's comfortable and I'm talking to her, so we could do this all day.

Or when it's time for her monthly photo, and I prop her up on the sofa and then fiddle with the shutter speed and aperture on my camera, then snap a few hundred (I'm not even kidding) pictures before I'm satisfied that I've captured a good shot.  She might stare at me with her eyebrows raised like I'm a crazy person for going to such lengths to get her to smile, or she might get bored and start lifting up the hem of her skirt to put it in her mouth, but she doesn't fuss.  And she will smile if I hold the camera away from my face and let her see me smiling back at her. 

tolerating my non-stop photography, though she thinks I'm crazy // *personal photo*
I get bored very easily.  This is especially true at work- I have to work on multiple tasks in parallel, instead of finishing one before moving on to the next, so that I can jump from one to the other in order to stay motivated.  And if I am someone's guinea pig for something, whatever it may be, I'm not always the most forgiving subject.  Let's just say that patience is not my greatest virtue.

Maybe I should practice sitting still and listening to someone else talk for a while.  (Or take my picture.)

What have you learned from your infant lately?

Much love,
The Geeks

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