Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: 4 Things

Internet, I present to you: Mr. Geek With Things on His Head:


I think that last one is my favorite :)

Today I'm linking up over at Focused on the Magic for the Wordless Wednesday Disney blog hop!  Today's theme is 4 Things.  Click the button below to join in on the blog hop!

Much love,
The Geeks 

*all photos personal*


  1. Lol! I think you are right. The last one is fantastic! What a good sport he is!!

  2. Love the hats,My son would not let me take the pictures or post them lol

    1. Yeah my husband was not too into the idea at first- or the idea of posting them- but i convinced him it wasn't such a bad idea

  3. LOL - always fun to take a shot in each land. These are awesome!

  4. Love it, great shots and what a lot of fun