Monday, October 1, 2012

Citizen Bride

Our wedding is the first weekend in November for various reasons, including the fact that it's a holiday weekend (Veteran's Day).  We plan to make the drive down to Alabama the Monday before with all the Wedding Crap, as I've named it, so there's plenty of time for last-minute preparation and (hopefully) some relaxing.

Those of you playing along at home will probably notice that the Monday before our wedding is the day before Election Day here in the good ol' U S of A.  As in, we'll be out of town on Election Day.  Absent, if you will.

As much as I would like to be truly apathetic about the state of partisan politics in this country, this truly is an important election, and I firmly believe that everyone should educate themselves and then VOTE not because we have the right but because we have the responsibility.

So Friday I mailed off my application for an absentee ballot, which will hopefully arrive soon, so I can fill it out and mail it back in before we leave for the wedding!

Fall brides- did you have to make arrangements to do your civic duty because of your wedding date?

**please note: this post is NOT intended to spark a political debate, it's merely a "Hey, this whole wedding thing is really affecting EVERYTHING, isn't it?" remark and, as I know other people get married in October/November, I'm wondering if anyone else experienced something similar.  So please, DON'T say anything about your preferred presidential candidate in the comments- I'd like this blog, of all places, to be free of political ads.  Also, major apologies if the above YouTube video is preceded by a political ad- they're like nasty, deadly viruses, infecting everything with a screen...

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