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Speak My Language, Part 2

Previously, on Our Geeky Adventure:

-We're weird.
-Like, really weird.
-We basically have our own language.

If you thought the glossary of terms I shared with you last time I did one of these posts covered the extent of our little were wrong.  Oh how wrong you were!

Since you did so well last time, it's my pleasure to present to you: How to Speak Geek, Part 2!

image via Minute Maid
 brain juice (brayn joos) (n.) 1. Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry Juice
ex. "I'm thirsty- pour me some of that brain juice!"

I've always loved pomegranates, and when Minute Maid started selling this juice, I became their biggest customer.  It doesn't really have a clear title- where the name of the juice should be, it says "Help nourish your brain," and also "pomegranate blueberry juice" is kind of a mouthful, so, due to the aforementioned brain benefits, Mr. Geek and I started calling this stuff "brain juice."

Hallowe'en 2012 // {personal photo}

booty beast (boo - tee beest) (n.) 1. A term of endearment, denoting someone who is adorable and/or good looking yet also annoying; 2. see also: butt-face mcgee, chikin butt feesh
ex. "Stop pickin' on me, you booty beast!"

I have always been obsessed with Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  Belle was always the princess I identified with most as she could always be found with her nose in a book, her go-to hairstyle is a ponytail, she's not afraid of anything, and she knows that if a guy is acting like an asshole, it just means he's madly in love with her.  (Although, in practice, I've found it's a good idea to go with the nice guy over the one who yells at you and throws your father in the dungeon.)  At the height of this obsession was one fateful day when I was a toddler being babysat by my Uncle Ben, when I forced him to watch the VHS with me over and over and over again- he estimates about a million times, though something tells me that's an exaggeration- all in one day.  It's amazing that the tape wasn't ruined, really.  To this day, the songs from this movie haunt his dreams, and he gets all twitchy around teapots.  How did I convince him to submit to such torture?  By pleading with him, "Pwease, Unka Ben, can we watch Booty Beast again?"  (I may have actually included the words and the in the phrase, but the way I remember it, the title was reduced to those two perfect words.)

About a week ago, Mr. Geek and I were searching through our (rather sizable) DVD collection to choose a movie to watch before bed.  We made it to the Disney movies when I exclaimed, "Booty Beast!" and after he recovered from his fit of giggles, we popped in the DVD.  "Booty Beast" has become a term of endearment in our house now, used at least twice a day, usually accompanied by a pat on said beast's booty.

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butt-face mcgee (buht - fayss muh - gee) (n.) 1. A term of endearment, denoting someone who is adorable and/or good looking yet also annoying; 2. The winner of a board game, which is annoying, because he always wins board games (all of them. seriously); 3. see also: booty beast, chikin butt feesh
ex. "Fine, you win, you butt-face mcgee."

"Butt-face" is a favorite insult of mine when I'm trying to cut back on my expletives; of course, it doesn't always pack the same punch.  I'm not sure when I first called Mr. Geek Butt-Face McGee, but I'm pretty sure it was during Monopoly, and I'm pretty sure he deserved it.  It's less a nickname now, and more just an insult thrown about when someone is being particularly unfair, and it's obviously applicable to both of us at various times.

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chikin (chih - ken) (n.) 1. A term of endearment, denoting someone who is adorable; 2. see also: lil' bitty chicken(s), feesh
ex. "I love you, chikin."

For our first-ever Married Thanksgiving (which is an entirely different holiday than a Dating Thanksgiving or an Engaged Thanksgiving, the latter of which we technically didn't experience) I was cooking for just the two of us, so rather than going all-in with a turkey, I decided to do some cornish hens- individual chickens roasted with an herb butter under the skin.  They came in these tiny little packets, and, well, they were tiny little birds, and I kind of have a thing for tiny little things.  I sort of squee'd out a little bit.  When it was time to plate dinner, I was incredibly proud of the meal, even though they didn't look quite as beautiful as I'd hoped (hence the lack of photo here), and I asked Mr. Geek as we sliced into them, "Aren't these lil' bitty chickens just the cutest things ever??"  He agreed with me about the cuteness of the chickens, and also decided I was pretty cute myself, and we started using "lil' bitty chicken" as a pet name.  Eventually, it was shortened to just "chicken", as in "Hello, chicken!" when answering the phone.  For Christmas, Mr. Geek bought me the Wii version of Toy Story Midway Mania, and it allows you to enter in a name when you play.  One of our other pet names is "fish", which we pronounce (and therefore spell) as "feesh", so when he used that as his player name, I decided to adjust the spelling of "chicken" accordingly.

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chikin butt feesh (chih - ken buht feesh) (n.) 1. A term of endearment, denoting someone who is adorable and/or good looking yet also annoying; 2. see also: butt-face mcgee, booty beast
ex. "Don't be such a chikin butt feesh- help me with the dishes!"

As I have explained (and will further explain), "chikin" and "feesh" are two of our more common pet names for each other.  (We are seriously bizarre.)  I've discovered that when Mr. Geek is being annoying (which I swear is less often than I make it sound), if I call him one of these pet names and/or less-than-serious insults, it's a way to vent my frustration without losing my temper.  Calling him one of these silly names is a way to signal, "Hey, buddy, it was funny the first time, but now, not so much," but you can't call someone "chikin" without smiling, so it prevents me from actually yelling or getting mad.  And it works both ways- if I'm nagging him and he says, "Ok, butt-face mcgee," I know that it's time to back off, and yet the nickname is so silly that it checks his temper.  Well, one time Mr. Geek was playing his favorite game of "Let's Not Let Mrs. Geek Shut the Bathroom Door When She REALLY Needs to Pee" and I was about to rip the door from its hinges and bash him over the head with it, so I decided to throw as many "insults" his way as I could think of in an angry barrage- "OHMYGOSH you chikin- butt- feesh!"  The result had him doubled up in laughter, so when he released the knob I was able to slam- and lock- the door and tend to my business, finally.  It's definitely a cute name, though, so it's stuck.  We like to play a game of swapping "insults"- one person will start and call the other "chikin butt feesh", who will then retaliate with "Nuh-uh, I'm not a chikin butt feesh, you're a butt-face mcgee", and so on and so forth.  We're super mature, you know.

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feesh (feeeeeeeeeeeeesh) (n.) 1. A term of endearment, denoting someone who is adorable; 2. see also: chikin
ex. "I love you, feesh."

One weekend afternoon at the height of wedding planning, we were exhausted and frustrated and just wanted to run off and elope, and we were getting a little loopy.  Okay, I was getting a little loopy.  Mr. Geek reached over and tucked a lock of hair behind  my ear, then let his palm rest against my cheek- a sweet, romantic gesture, but not in my silly state.  I reached over and did the same to him, but then instead of leaving my hand there, I pinched his cheek.  So he pinched mine back in retaliation.  So I reached out with both hands and squeezed his cheeks together to give him a fish-face and said, helpfully, "Fish!"  So he did the same to me, only he dragged it out- "Feeeeeeeeeesh."  The silliness put us both back in a good mood and we were able to continue on with whatever daunting task lay before us, and after that our favorite thing to do whenever we were bored or giddy was to "Play Feesh."  Since "Playing Feesh" involves not only squishing the other person's face but also calling them a "feeeeeeeeeeesh", the word was added to our stable of nicknames.  While skipping walking excitedly from ride to ride in Disney, we'd peck each other on the cheek and say, "I love you, feesh."  It's one of those habits that makes us unbearable to be around.

I love you to death! // {personal photo}
fwustwated feesh (fwuh - stway - ded feeeeeeeeesh) (n.) 1. One who is experiencing frustration
ex. "This stew didn't turn out right, and now I'm a fwustwated feesh."

"Playing Feesh" has evolved over the past several months; we've discovered that while squeezing someone's cheeks together, you can push your hands up, drawing up the corners of their mouth, to create a "Happy Feesh"- similarly, if you push your hands down, you create a "Sad Feesh."  One day, Mr. Geek was thoroughly enjoying a game of Feesh and I'd had enough.  I furrowed my brow and glared at him, trying my best to put on my angry face which, let's be honest, is not very intimidating anyway, even when my face isn't all squished up, and it only made him laugh.  "Are you a Frustrated Feesh?" he asked.  "Yes," I responded, my face still squished, "I'm a very Fwustwated Feesh."  (The squeezed mouth made proper pronunciation difficult.)  I have found that, if flinging "insults" doesn't work when trying to emphasize my waning patience, I can definitively state, "I'm a fwustwated feeeeeesh..."  Or, simply, "FWUSTWATED FEESH!" 

{personal photo}
 goober boots (goo - bur boots) (n.) 1. A term of endearment, denoting someone who is silly and/or confused
ex. "Goober boots, did you just ask me to put my dirty clothes in the dishwasher?"

Okay so this one has the lamest story ever.  I was driving home from work and talking to Mr. Geek on the phone.  I had just pulled into the parking lot of the apartment complex and we were at that awkward point where it was time to hang up the phone and yet we would continue the conversation in a few seconds when I got out of the car.  I could literally see him standing in the parking lot, but we were still on the phone, and it feels silly to say "bye" when you can see the person you're talking to.  Instead, I figured I'd drag out the phone conversation until I was close enough to kiss him, so I was babbling a little bit- giving a play-by-play as I pulled into the parking spot, saying over and over again, "I can see you!" and finally just humming a little nonsense tune.  "Doo - de - doo," I sang.

"Did you just call me 'goober boots'?" he asked.

"Um, no?"

And yet the name stuck.  It's generally only used when the other person has done something stupid.

{personal photo}
lil' bitty chickens (lihl bih - tee chih - kens) (n.) 1. Cornish game hens; 2. a term of endearment, denoting someone who is adorable (in the singular); 3. see also: chikin, feesh
ex. "I'm hungry- let's eat some lil' bitty chickens!"

Like I said, these little hens were so adorable, they spawned a pet name. 


Please tell me we're not the only ones who communicate in a weird language that no one else understands.

What are some of your inside jokes?

Much love,
The Geeks

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