Monday, March 11, 2013

Walking Through High Water?

I kind of pride myself on NOT being trendy.  I mean yeah, there are pieces in my closet that are currently "in", and I probably wouldn't have been able to buy those pieces if they weren't "in" and therefore readily available, but still- I tend to be skeptical of trends.

Like cropped pants, for instance.  I mean, capris are one thing- just longer than knee length, basically just long shorts, appropriate if it's 1995- but the latest short pants fad just look like pants that don't fit properly.  I tried some on today and I just...don't get it.


Uh, ladies...your pants are too short.  Either you went overboard with the hemming, or you shrunk them in the wash, or you were accidentally shopping in the kiddie section.

What do you think of the "ankle pant" trend?  Can you make it work, or do you find it ridiculous, too?

Much love,
The Geeks

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