Monday, November 10, 2014


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Two years.

It's hardly any time at all, and yet it feels like we've been married forever.  It feels so easy, so right, to wake up next to you each morning, to go about my day knowing that you'll be there when I get home each night.  Our life is not easy, but it's our life- not my life separate from your life, but our life, experienced together, side by side, hand in hand.

You're a different person from the boy who got down on one knee in the parking lot after taking me to the ballet.  I'm a different person from the girl who was too excited to even say the word yes.  And we should be different people- we've grown and changed together, constantly challenging one another to become better people and better spouses.

And we've become parents!  We've learned how to grow a baby, how to give birth to a baby, how to care for that baby, how to parent that baby.  We were ready to be parents because we were ready to be married- we were mature enough to put the needs of another person before our own, to no longer think of ourselves as individuals, but as "us."  That doesn't mean we were prepared for parenthood- we didn't know there would be a third person to devote ourselves to so soon.  But we learned together- we're still learning together.  And I think we're pretty good at it.

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And I'm having a lot of fun, being a parent with you.

Being married to you.

Today is truly a celebration of us- today is the second anniversary of our marriage, and our daughter's first birthday.  We'll eat chocolate cupcakes (and she'll eat a chocolate cupcake, and make a mess, and it will be adorable), we'll have a fancy little home-cooked dinner, we'll open presents and put on our jammies and cuddle up together and watch a movie.  Today we celebrate this life that is so very different from the one we were living two years ago.

It's different, but I think it's even better.

photo by One Photo Gallery
Here's to forever, Love- a forever that looks different every day, but feels as natural and exciting as the day it first began.

Much love,
Mrs Geek


  1. Lovely post. Happy Anniversary! And Happy 1st Birthday to Baby Geek!! ;)