Monday, July 13, 2015

That Time I Took My Sister's Engagement Photos

My sister and her fiance are planning a long-distance wedding.

Mr. Geek and I planned an Alabama wedding from the far-off land of Northern Virginia.  H (my sister) and J (her love) are planning a wedding long-distance from each other- she lives with our parents in Alex City, Alabama (where the wedding will be held) and he lives in Northern Virginia.  This means there's a lot of travel for both of them during the planning process, and they have to maximize their time together to accomplish the things that must be done physically together (like marriage prep and whatnot).  The photographer they have hired is a friendor- one of my sister's art school friends who lives much closer to her than to him- but he has no time this summer to get down to Alabama.  She came to visit him at the beginning of the month, the perfect time to take engagement photos to use for Save the Dates.

She's a master at Photoshop and knew exactly how the end product would look.

She's a master at Pinterest and knew exactly what sorts of poses she wanted.

I...have a camera.  And I like to take pictures.

For the record, this was HER IDEA.  A crazy idea, but I didn't force myself on the bride- she pulled the Sister Card and obviously I wasn't going to say no!

And you know what?  They didn't turn out so bad!  She's already edited the photos for their website, and created Save the Dates that she's about to have printed, so she said I could go ahead and share some of my favorite shots here on the blog.  I started a free trial of PicMonkey Royale and messed around with some of them just to learn how to use it.  (Hey Sis- feel free to use any of these if you like them!)

These two are band geeks- they met in their high school marching band!  We used his trumpet and her drumsticks, battered though they are, as well as a random sheet of music at the end there with the ring.  We went to the Teddy Roosevelt memorial and then to Old Town Alexandria for a little more smoochin'.

So what do you think?  How did Sissy do as stand-in photographer?

Much love,
The Geeks


  1. You are so amazing sissy!!! It was so much fun taking pictures with you and I never regretted asking you. All I needed was someone I trust and a good camera, and I had both! Love you!

  2. Lovely ring shots!

    x Christie (