Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Choose ALL the Dresses!

Previously, on Our Geeky Adventure

-We picked a large(ish), lopsided bridal party
-I'm not quite trendy enough for mis-matched bridesmaid dresses (although I am kind of trendy)
-I really, really want the ladies standing up with me to be able to wear their dresses again (or at least like them)

So, we wouldn't be getting bridesmaid dresses from David's Bridal or ModCloth.  Where oh where is a bride to turn?


Believe it or not, I first discovered Weddington Way as an ad on Facebook.  From the moment Mr. Geek and I changed our relationship status to "engaged", I was being inundated with ads for wedding-related things, and this little site was particularly persistent.  Against my better judgement, I clicked on the link and browsed around their website.  In their own words,

above screencaptures from Weddington Way
This seemed like a glorious invention!  Who came up with this idea?  THEY DESERVE ALL THE AWARDS.

So, I started browsing!  I filtered by color, price, and length, then clicked through the hundreds of dresses that matched my needs.

Screencapture from Weddington Way
I narrowed these hundreds of dresses down to 6 options:

Alfred Sung Styles D461, D502, D447, D448, D520, D524 // via Weddington Way
As with my ModCloth experience, I found myself wanting ALL of these dresses for my own personal closet, never mind my bridesmaids'!  Therefore, I knew it was time to bring in some outside help.

I sent an email to my mom and sisters with a list of boutiques within an hour radius of my parents' house that sell Alfred Sung dresses, and asked them to try on these styles, take pictures, and give me honest feedback.  If any of these dresses made them say, "Ew, there is no way I would ever in a million years wear this dress, I don't care if you are my sister!" then they would be removed from the list of contenders.  Conversely, if any of these dresses made them say, "OMG who cares about a wedding, I want this dress right now to wear whenever I want!!" then they would be given special consideration for the final decision.

So, which dresses survived my sisters' rigorous trial runs?

Alfred Sung Styles D502, D448, D520, D524 // via Weddington Way
At this point, I created an account on Weddington Way, saved these 4 dresses to my favorites, invited my ladies to join the website, and asked them to rank the dresses in order from most awesome to least awesome.  I told them they could visit local boutiques to try them on, use Weddington Way's Try-Before-You-Buy program, or just rank the dresses based on how they look on the screen.

So, which dress won the voting round?  You'll have to tune in next time to find out!

Did you use Weddington Way to shop for bridesmaid dresses?  Which of these dresses would you have picked as your favorite if you were in my bridal party?  Do you think any of them are worthy of the title "re-wearable"?

Much love,
The Geeks


*This is NOT a sponsored post.  I am not, in any way, receiving compensation from Weddington Way to post this information.  I was simply very impressed with the browse-favorite-vote-buy system this site uses, and wanted to share with you how awesome it is.

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