Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Something Something Corsages

(Not gonna lie, y'all, this close to The Big Day I kind of don't have time to come up with clever titles for posts.  My apologies.)

Remember those boutonnieres I sewed for Mr Geek, his attendants, and our dads?

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I also want to recognize our mothers and grandmothers with corsages- but not almost-wilted flowers, shiny ribbon, and itchy elastic corsages.  Much like the fabric boutonnieres, I've put together fabric corsages, and I'll be attaching them to bracelets for the ladies to wear (and keep forever!) but these won't have LEGO minifigs in the center.  Instead, I added extra "petals" to make them floofier (as that's the technical term for it).  Wanna see?

{personal photo}
I used the same tutorial from Make It and Love It (one of my all-time-favorite blogs!) with a few alterations.  For the bouts, I added "leaves" underneath as a base to attach the petals to.  For the corsages, I wanted the focus to be on the floofiness (there it is again) of the petals, so the base is a single circle of green fabric.  To achieve the floof, I sewed three layers of petals of varying sizes, one layer at a time.  The first layer was the same as the bouts, and the extra layers were slightly smaller.  For those of you wanting to reproduce this look, be warned- you end up with A LOT of fabric with all of these layers, especially as each layer is comprised of folded pieces.  Take your time sewing the circles, or you might break your needle (I avoided this, thankfully!) and to achieve maximum floof, keep your stitches as close to the center as possible.

{personal photo}
The purple flower is for my mom and the reds are for Mr. Geek's mom and the grandmas.  You can still see some green peeking through the center in some places because it's kind of difficult keeping the petals pinned in place as you sew- especially the smallest ones on top that don't want to cooperate and stay folded...I'm considering finishing these off with bling-y buttons in the center to cover the mistakes, but I really like the way they look right now.  Once I have the bracelets done, we'll see if there's enough time to add bling :)

Did you have corsages for the important women in your life?  Have you ever made fabric flowers?  What's your favorite pattern to use- or did you invent your own?

Much love,
The Geeks

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