Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And I Do My Little Turn On the Catwalk Part 2

Previously, on Our Geeky Adventure:

-I tend to pose when there's a camera around
-Mr. Geek makes goofy faces when there's a camera around
-We worked on toning down both of our tendencies for our engagement shoot

After posing out on the swing set, it was time to change clothes and head to the next location.  Since I knew my costume change would take a while (as I'm a girl), I handed Emile my ring and a Scrabble board to see what would happen next!

These are our initials, by the way.  We're not making a dirty joke.
I asked him to take a few shots spelling out the date and location.  By that time, Mr. Geek was done changing clothes, as evidenced by the below photo

Once everyone was ready to go, we went down to Leesburg's historic downtown for some more beautiful photos like these:

Gotta have a shoe picture!
Then it was time for one more costume change and a metro ride down to Old Town Alexandria, the place where we first fell in love.

Hey look, we're both looking at the camera!
This is an instance where silly faces are a good thing
The next day, we went into DC for the last batch of pictures.  We danced on the Mall:

We went to the Museum of American History, mainly just to play around, but there were a couple of cute photo opportunities:

And finally we went down to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

This is also where we shot the "interview" in our engagement video I showed you in the first post!

Where did you go for your engagement pictures?  Did you buy a new outfit or shop your closet like I did?  Did you do your own hair and makeup (like I so obviously did) or did you get it done professionally?  Were you lucky enough to have a "friendor" for a photographer?

Much love,
The Geeks

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