Friday, September 21, 2012

What Not to Wear

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-On the formal-casual spectrum, our wedding falls juuuuuuuuuuuuuust slightly on the casual side.
-The bridesmaids will be wearing short dresses, and so will the MOB and MOG
-The groom and his men will be wearing grey suits and handmade bow ties

...but what will the guests wear?

Sometimes, the dress code for a wedding is obvious- black tie, beach, semi-formal.

For ours, it's...not-so-obvious.  Since we have this fantastic wedding website for such things as the reception song request and RSVP, we figured we may as well give guests a hint as to what to wear- that is, not too formal and not too casual.  Guests can now find the following helpful graphics:


Adam Gregory via Famewatcher / Tommy Hilfiger / J Crew
Ties are always a good option for a wedding, but how should you wear one to this wedding?  The typical go-to of a formal dark suit and a tie might be a bit too formal for our big day.  Formal shirts and ties paired with jeans and sneakers definitely create an interesting contrast in an outfit but we're going to ask that you kindly refrain from jeans.  If you're a tie guy, you'd probably be most comfortable in slacks and a long-sleeved shirt- and those sleeves will probably find themselves rolled up to the elbow when it's time to dance!

Dr. House via Zap2it / J Crew / Leonardo DiCaprio via JustJared
 But maybe you do like the feel of a suit with a nice jacket!  Again, although Dr House sure can rock the blazer-with-jeans look, we wouldn't want him showing up to the church dressed like that.  And Leo looks awful dapper in his tuxedo, but it'll be 11:00 in the morning!  Maybe switch things up a bit and go for slacks and a sport coat- super trendy and the perfect compromise.

The Ninth Doctor via chachadesu / The Eleventh Doctor via Rocking the Time-Space Continuum / The Tenth Doctor via Honorary Doctor
Still not getting it?  The Doctor is an awfully fashionable man, so let's let him demonstrate.  The Tenth Doctor's pinstripes are a little too formal for this shindig- though the Chucks do, admittedly, tone it down a bit- whereas the Ninth Doctor's t-shirt and leather jacket are a bit too casual.  The Eleventh Doctor has it juuuuuust right- that tweed jacket is so very fall and that bow tie is so very cool (just ask our groomsmen!) that he would get along swimmingly on our big day.  Allons-y!


Chambray of the Week Dress via ModCloth / Gillian Dress in Navy by Dear Creatures via Ruche / Amy Adams via Style Bakery
 A dress is the obvious choice for a wedding guest, but length and fabric are really the key to getting it right.  Amy Adams looks fantastic in her blue one-shoulder gown, but that really fits in better on the Red Carpet than the dance floor at our reception.  That shirt dress from ModCloth would look adorable paired with leggings, but it's a little too short and a little too casual for our church wedding.  The shoulder-covering, knee-length dress from Ruche would be just perfect for the most stylish guest on our big day.

ModCloth / ModCloth / Nordstrom
  Maybe you'd rather go with separates than a dress?  That grey number from Nordstrom is a little too mother-of-the-bride- and not even the actual mother of the bride will be wearing anything like this!  However, the get-up on the left from ModCloth is just too summer-camp-banquet- the flannel and the miniskirt are two reasons to not wear it to this wedding.  The outfit from ModCloth in the middle hits all the right notes- slightly more formal fabrics than the outfit on the left, but a shorter skirt than the outfit on the right.  The key is knee-length to tea-length skirts, covered shoulders, and daytime colors and fabrics.

Keiko Lynn / Delightfully Tacky / Little Chief Honeybee

If you've been reading the blog, you know that our wedding is going to be a little quirky, and maybe your fashion muse is a quirky style blogger.  I have to admit, I really like this look on Keiko Lynn and would love to steal it for myself- but denim shorts are just too casual for our wedding.  Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee looks fantastic as always, but the dress she's styled is made of a sheer chiffon with metallic polka dots- more prom than our big day.  (Of course she's styled it down with that awesome sweater, so this look probably would work ^_^)  As she always does, Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky hits the nail on the head with a sundress made November-worthy by layering it over this feminine top and pairing it with ankle booties.  I'd wear that!  (Okay fine I'd wear all three of these.)


Does your wedding website include a what-to-wear guide?  Would you appreciate one as a wedding guest?

Much love,
The Geeks

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