Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Short People

A month or so ago, whilst trolling through the mall, just after having Mr. Geek fitted for his tux for his friend's wedding, we stumbled into Charlotte Russe and headed for the shoe section- they're pretty much always running some sort of sale back there and I'm a sucker for cheap shoes.  (I'm also a sucker for expensive shoes but it takes much longer to talk myself into buying them, if I do at all.)  We saw these things sitting on the shelf:

via Charlotte Russe

I like the old-school look of high top sneakers so I picked one up off the shelf to take a closer look.  The first thing I noticed was how narrow the sole was- and how there was absolutely no give.  Definitely not athletic sneakers (not that high tops usually are).  Mr. Geek was fiddling with his phone but I brought them to his attention and asked why he thought they had such solid, hard soles.

He's the one that actually noticed the wedge inside.  It seems I'm a little slow.

"They're like...high heels, only covered up."

OH, okay, that makes sense.  Well, the unforgiving soles make sense, but wedge-sneakers?  I feel like these have been done before- in the 90s, maybe?- and I don't remember them going over all that well back then.

But then I saw another pair at Forever 21, at a different mall, on a mission to find shoes for me for said wedding.  (Spoiler alert: I decided to just wear some gold heels I already owned.)

via Forever 21
Maybe they're not as corny as I thought?  Maybe I could pull these off?  (Or put them on, as it were.)

I took to the internet to see if these were A Thing or not (because The Mighty Internet knows all) and here's what I found:

Sole la Vie via PLNDR
PUMA via Zappos
Steve Madden via Zappos
Skechers via Zappos
via ModCloth
Oh, hey, wow, even ModCloth has a pair!  And I saw a TV commercial the other day, I believe for the Skechers- a commercial aimed at short girls, apparently, as they kept emphasizing that "they give you 3 inches of height!"

I could always use another 3 inches...

What do you think?  Are sneaker-wedges (wedge-sneakers?) pretty cool or completely ridiculous?  Which of these would you try on?  I'm partial to the flavor offered by Steve Madden myself, but I never could resist a good pyramid stud.

Much (shoe) love,
The Geeks

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