Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We Went to Jared!

Alternate title: "Two Rings to Rule Them All"

So, I'll just get right to it:

We bought wedding bands, y'all!

When talking about wedding bands, we were torn in two directions: bands that match each other, or different bands where mine matches my engagement ring.  We talked a little about materials and styles, but I left most of the research up to Mr. Geek; this was distinctly his project.  I knew I didn't want any diamonds on my band, or anything terribly complicated- it was up to him to look at metals and styles and sizes.

Well, he did his research, but like Mr. Unicorn pointed out over on Weddingbee, there are some advantages to going to a big-box store, as opposed to ordering online or using a smaller jeweler.  So one Sunday, we headed up to Dulles Town Center with the intention of just looking around, getting some price quotes, and moving on to another few stores.

Instead, after about half an hour, we walked out with a couple of rings :)

Well okay we didn't walk out with the rings that day.  They needed to be sized properly, so it was a few weeks before we got to pick them up.  But the point is, the service at Jared was friendly, honest, helpful, and, well, efficient!  Plus- and you know this is my favorite part- we're right on budget!

{personal photo}
 Aren't they pretty?  Turns out we were able to go pretty much middle-of-the-road between matching each other and matching my e-ring.  My ring is white gold, just like my engagement ring. It's thin and rounded, and sits pretty flush against my engagement ring.  His ring is tungsten carbide, and also rather narrow (for a man's ring).  While the metals are obviously not the same color, they're both, well, shiny :)  They're shaped the same, with softly rounded edges and a smooth finish.  So while they look nice together, mine also looks nice with my diamond!  See:

{personal photo}
 Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty!

Where did you get your wedding bands?  Did you do a lot of research first?  Do your rings go together or stand separately?

Much love,
The Geeks

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