Friday, August 24, 2012

Songs I Love that Won't be Played at Our Reception

Confession time:

My biggest fear about our wedding, aside from that irrational list of things that could go wrong but probably won't, is that people won't dance at the reception.

I know, I know, there are far worse things to be worried about, but it's true- everything else could be perfect, but if the dance floor is empty, I'm going to feel like I failed as a bride.

(Can you actually fail as a bride?  I mean, if, at the end of the day, you're married to your man, can they take that marriage certificate away if the party is no fun?)

So I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to achieve this goal.

First- there won't be any assigned seating, and the available seats will be mostly cleared from the main dining room and moved to secondary spaces.  I'm hoping people initially don't see any seats and assume there aren't any, so they dance instead!  (KIDDING.  Or am I?)

Second- there will be no sit-down, plated dinner, but rather food you can eat while moving about and talking to people- but if people really do want to sit down and scarf, they can (they just have to find those seats!)

Third- there's going to be a candy buffet, y'all.  Candy = hyperactivity = dancing, yes?

But most importantly- there's going to be really, really good music to dance to!

There's a lot of really good dance music out there (and some of it is even on the radio!), so putting together our reception playlist should be super simple.

Except you should know by now that if a wedding project should be simple, it's almost guaranteed to be not so simple.

(This isn't a terribly difficult project though, don't get me wrong.)

A lot of that really good music would certainly get people to get up and dance- but it's not going to be played at our reception...because of the lyrics.  I'm not talking about vulgar, explicit hip-hop songs- I mean, those certainly won't be getting any airplay either- but I'm talking about the theme of a lot of those really good, dance-able songs.

Namely: breakups.

Heartbreak and failed relationships are certainly inspiring themes, but I don't want those themes seeping in to our wedding reception!  And it's really a shame, because some of my favorite music is bluesy jazz- but by definition, blues songs tend to be, well...sad, and also about cheating women.  Hmm.

The following are songs that I really like, make me want to dance, and will definitely not be played at our wedding reception:

Rumour Has It Adele
 Just typing the title of this song makes me boogie!  But like I said above, blues songs tend to be about cheating- even up-beat ones.  That's not to say there won't be any Adele at our reception- have you heard her cover of "Make You Feel My Love"?

Princess of China Coldplay ft Rihanna

I'm not always a fan of Rihanna, but I am definitely always a fan of Coldplay, and I LOVE this song.  However, "you really hurt me" is not really a phrase I want repeated over and over at our wedding.  "Us Against the World" is a song from this album that will likely be heard during The Big Day, though!

You Know I'm No Good Amy Winehouse
...again with the infidelity in blues songs.  Grr.  Might "Rehab" be played, however?  Perhaps...its beat is just begging for some Lindy Hop, after all!

So what about you- would you rather stack your reception playlist with awesome, dance-able music at all cost or are you obsessive about lyrics (and the vibes that come with them) like me?

Much love,
The Geeks

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