Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Disneymoon Adventures: Animal Kingdom

Time for some more Disney pictures, folks!  Today, they're from Animal Kingdom.  We only visited Animal Kingdom once during the week- and only for half a day, at that- but we still got some pretty awesome photos and had a great time!  Enjoy!

You'll notice that, other than the macaws, there are no actual live animals in any of these pictures from Animal Kingdom.  We're not really safari people, so we opted for the shows and rides (and food!) instead of traipsing through the zoo.  We both agree that if we have animal-loving children, we'll definitely spend a long time with them oohing and aahing at the lions and giraffes.

As far as favorite moments are concerned, we both thoroughly enjoyed Expedition Everest and Dinosaur (which still makes me scream in terror), along with The Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo the Musical.  Animal Kingdom is one of the smallest parks, and as we got there during the morning extra magic hours it was nearly empty- no lines for anything (except to see characters, of course).  Overall Animal Kingdom was really beautiful and relaxing, and a perfect example of how Disney pays attention to every little detail- from the hoof prints in the ground as you walk up to Everest, to just how very real Everest looks, to the uneven bricks on the bridges that make them look ancient, to the actual museums you pass through as you wait in line for the rides.

What's your favorite thing about Animal Kingdom?

Much love,
The Geeks

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