Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guest Post: Run, Run, as Fast as You Can...

It's time for another Disney-themed guest post!  This one is from Ms. Gazelle, runner extraordinaire, with a whole new take on visiting Disney World!  Personally, Mr. Geek and I prefer to walk through Disney...and also eat.  A lot.
Hi Geeky Adventure readers!  I'm Leana, aka Ms. Gazelle on Weddingbee.  I'm also a bit of an endurance racing nut and I write a blog chronicling my training and racing adventures at Runner Leana.  One of my favourite places to race is at Walt Disney World!  I'm currently training for the Goofy Challenge at Disney World in January.  What is the Goofy Challenge?  Well, you have to be a little bit goofy to sign up for it because you run the Disney Half Marathon on day 1, then the Disney Marathon on day 2.  Crazy, right?

So what makes racing at Disney so special?  For starters you get to run through the Disney parks!  My favourite moment in the Disney Half Marathon and Marathon is when you enter the Magic Kingdom.  The people cheering you on as you run down Main Street is one of the best feelings in the world!  There's me in the aqua shirt!
Running through Cinderella's castle is also very special.  I'm the one in the Canada shirt and red skirt!
Running through all the parks is pretty amazing really!  After all, where can you run past Everest...

...and then a few miles later be running down Hollywood Boulevard?

You also get to meet some of your favourite Disney friends!

You might be feeling tired, but having your favourite Disney friends cheering you on gives you energy to keep going.

Crossing the finish line is pretty cool too.  After all, how many people run 26.2 miles through Disney?

The bling makes it all worthwhile!  Here are my medals from the first time I did the Goofy Challenge back in 2008.

All of this keeps me returning to run at Disney year after year.  If a marathon or half marathon isn't quite your speed there are several other events throughout the year.  Each race is so special and so uniquely Disney.  Check out Run Disney for details on all of the events.  Most recently Mr. Gazelle and I ran the Tower of Terror 10 Miler in September.  We ran at night and finished right by the Tower of Terror.  It was spooktacular!

I hope you enjoyed this different way to see Disney!  Would you ever consider running a race at Disney World?


  1. That's so neat! What a fun way to enjoy Disney.

  2. Looks like a blast! I'm actually really hoping to get Mr. Hawk to run a Disney race with me sometime in the next year!
    -Lauren/Mrs. Hawk
    Fizz and Frosting