Monday, November 19, 2012

Guest Post: Oh Mickey, You're So Fine

Technically we're home from the honeymoon now :(  But since we were traveling all weekend, I didn't have time to put together a post for you, and that means there's time for more Disney memories guest posts- this one is from the amazing Mrs. Giraffe!  She's here to share with us a story about her reaction to meeting The Mouse himself!

I’m so excited to guest post on Our Geeky Adventure today. Aside from being Mrs. Giraffe, I also go by Mad at my infrequently updated home blog, Sweet Townhome (Whoops - I should update that soon).

Now, what you should all know about me, is that I’m closet celebrity-obsessed. For realsies. I would like to think that being able to name every single one of the Jolie-Pitt children as well as the Affleck bunch is a serious hidden talent. My husband, Tris, might choose to disagree with me, but it is. It really is.

My celebrity obsession has led me to believe that I would be cool as a cucumber around celebs. I mean, I already feel like I know them, so wouldn’t it be just like meeting a friend?

Just like two winters ago when I saw Vince Vaughn shopping at the Disney store in Chicago. Was I excited? Yes. But was I all star struck? No. I thought it was super cool to see him, and I was relatively tempted to go say hi, but didn’t because he was being swamped by other folks with their cameras).

Either way, I was just as cool as I’d imagined. (FYI - The only exception to this thought is the man known as Ryan Reynolds. If I saw him, I’d throw myself all over him, wrap my arms around him, and never let go. Good luck prying me off, Blake Lively).

So, imagine my surprise, this past July on a family trip to Disney with my in-laws, that I got completely star struck meeting Mickey Mouse. My jaw dropped and I giggled too much to talk.


I am not joking.

And, it was Wizard Mickey. The coolest of all the Mickeys.

Don’t believe me? Well, lucky for you, I have photographic evidence. We purchased (in advance to save some dollars, yo!) all our Photopass photos so I have the moment etched on my harddrive for all time.

It was only a five minute wait, and as soon as I got up to Mickey, I was totally, utterly star struck. And giggly. And happy!
See? That face is proof! I was so excited to meet him. Yes, I’m a 25 year old (semi) adult, and yes, I was aware that it was someone in a suit, but it was so exciting!


My In-Laws have been to Disney like 13 times. I’d only been once 20 years ago so this trip all felt new for me. They’re not really into meeting characters, so I made it a priority for me and the Hubs. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t be star stuck in Mickey’s presence. It’d be impossible.
I also got Micky’s autograph for my scrapbook. That’s right. I thought that it might be strange for an adult to ask for an autograph, but everyone was really very nice about it (I’m talking to you, Snow White!).

This was seriously the highlight of my trip, and Mickey was great.

Oh? And meeting Mickey? It was second only to the fact that Tigger blew me kisses.

Best. Trip. Ever.


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