Friday, November 16, 2012

Guest Post: Ariel Obsession

It's time for another Disney memories guest post- this time it's from the lovely Miss Otter!  She's just a liiiiiiittle jealous that Mr. Geek and I are currently partying in the happiest place on earth...but then again, I suspect you are, too ;)  We'll say hi to Ariel for you!

Well, here I am, writing a blog post in Indiana about my Ariel obsession while some people (I won't even name names... but I think we all know who I'm talking about) are actually in Disney World... in Florida. Life can be so unfair. ;)
I've been a Disney lovin' girl for as long as I can remember, but I've always loved Ariel the most. So imagine my elation when I realized upon entering high school that I would get to go to Disney World my senior year - yes, there were screams and some hopping around. Only four years away, no big deal!
But let me explain: you see, I was very involved in a ton of different school activities. Most notably, cheerleading and band. What some might call a walking contradiction - which actually happened a few times, since at football games, I'd march at halftime wearing my cheerleading uniform. Cute, I know! Anyway, being in band gave me the privilege of going on two trips in high school. The first was supposed to be to NOLA, but unfortunately Katrina hit, so our trip plans changed. The second was the most coveted Disney trip. Hooray! I, of course, was most excited to meet Ariel.
I even rode down with my Ariel blanket, of course.
This bus ride was no feat short of incredible. First of all, I get car sick in the worst way possible, so the whole driving thing was kind of a nightmare. Also, they had a rule that whenever the bus stopped, everyone had to get off. So every single time that the bus needed gas, or it was time for a bathroom break, they would wake us all up and force us off the bus. This was, by far, the most unpleasant of experiences. Between the frequent wake ups and the cramped bus, we were all THRILLED to arrive at our hotel. So imagine my excited nerd run straight to the pool:
I read up online. I knew where to go to find what I was looking for. Ariel, it was. Thankfully, I also had accommodating friends who understood that under absolutely ZERO circumstance would I be leaving the Magic Kingdom without meeting Ariel. Unfortunately, this forced us to wait in line for what seemed like FOREVER while she took her lunch break. I mean, I get it - a girl's gotta eat. But hurry up, mermaid! 
Finally, it was the moment that I had dreamed of since I was eight years old (aka: the last time I was at Disney) -
Oh, no big deal, just me and ARIEL!
We also stopped at every display I saw:
And made sure to see the live show, where I almost got kicked out for taking photos..... oops!
Oh, and by the way, we did actually do that thing we went down there for. ;)
I'm in this, but I'm not pointing myself out!
Now if only I were writing this from Florida... then all would be perfect. ;) Come and say hello when you have time, I'd love to see some new faces around the blog!

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