Friday, November 9, 2012

The Somethings

Woooooo, just one more day until The Big Day!  Let's see, what do I have left to talk about...

Ah yes, The Somethings!

(Side note: if I'm ever in a band- as trampoline player, as I have no musical ability whatsoever, aside from good rhythm- we're going to be called The Somethings.  I like it.  It's catchy.)

Something Old

I've always interpreted "something old" in the poem to mean something you already own, not something that happens to have been made a long time ago, so my something old will be my faux pearl stud earrings I've owned for-like-ever, as seen at my epic bridal shower.

{photo by Mr. Geek}
Something New

I've also always thought it's sort of cheating to count your wedding dress as the "something new," so my new object will be my new pair of shoes that I love so so much!

{photo by Mr. Geek}
Something Borrowed

I have a few somethings borrowed, and they'll all be making an appearance in my bouquet.  I decided to make a bouquet from vintage and hand-me-down jewelry, including pieces loaned to me by my grandmothers.  I realize this is another one of those trendy, over-done elements in our wedding which will make our future children scoff and say "That was so 2012!" when looking at our pictures, but you know what?  It was really fun to make this, and it's really special.  I'll get to keep this bouquet forever (with the loaned pieces clipped out and given back, of course) and although this idea may be over-done in the blog world, I'd wager 90% of our guests don't read wedding blogs and therefore won't realize this is a trend, nor will they have ever seen it at another wedding.

{photo by Mr. Geek}
I also realize that this bouquet is far from perfect; it's not like the ones that grace the digital pages of Style Me Pretty or Martha Stewart.  It's a little lumpy in places, not a perfect dome, and for that matter, it's little.  The pieces aren't all a uniform metal and some are definitely showing their age, but I love it.  I love that it's so colorful, and that each piece has a story, even though I'm not sure what all those stories are.  I'm actually pleased with how small it is because this sucker is heavy and I can't image I'd be able to hold it for very long if it were much bigger.  I can already imagine a photo with my bridesmaids holding their baby's breath bouquets in a circle all around it...

{photo by Mr. Geek}
This heart-shaped piece has the most history of all the borrowed bits in this bouquet.  It was loaned to me by my Mammaw, and it was passed down to her from her husband's family.  My Papaw is no longer with us, but this is one of the ways we'll be remembering that he's watching from Heaven.

There are several butterflies fluttering around this bouquet, and I love the depth they bring by being layered over top of other colorful pieces.

That winged key?  It's actually a doorknob I found at Michaels of all places.  The image reminds me, of course, of Harry Potter, and the piece itself is sturdy enough to act as a good base to connect everything else to.

{photo by Mr. Geek}
I spy a Mardi Gras mask!  This is another something borrowed and another reminder of family history.  You may not know this, but we've been celebrating Mardi Gras in good ol' Mobile, Alabama for longer than those folks over in Nawlins, and, in my opinion, we put on better parades.  Mardi Gras krewes are a huge part of society in Mobile, and I've got a few family members who have been involved, including my Grandma Bootsie, who until very recently was an integral member of the Order of Athena.

{photo by Mr. Geek}
See that elephant hiding under there?  He's another of my somethings borrowed.  In Alabama, football- especially college football- is a religion, and if you live there, you must pick a side in the great Alabama-Auburn rivalry.  Guess who my family cheers for...

Something Blue

You're not getting a picture of this one, as it's also a something unmentionable, and I'd really rather leave it up to your imagination.  Suffice it to say- I'll be wearing something blue, you just won't be able to see it :)

What were your somethings?

Much love,
The Geeks

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