Friday, January 30, 2015

Let's Have a Chat #1: Answers

It's Friday- and not only is it Friday, it's link-up Friday!

Here are my answers for this month's link-up questions:

1. What are your goals for the year?  Do you have a plan to accomplish them?

Ah yes, the cliche resolutions post- but at the end of the month instead of the beginning!

This year, I want to do more from-scratch cooking again.  I love cooking and baking, but nowadays I have so little time, so frozen and pre-made meals are just so tempting- as are the takeout menus strewn across the counter.  My little toddler is slowly growing out of her clingy phase and learning to entertain herself while Mommy cooks, but still, after an entire day apart from each other, we both would rather cuddle than work and play separately when we get home at night.  She's too active for the Ergo- and besides, I feel like a front-carry position is a little dangerous when working near a hot stove or oven, and she is NOT a fan of the back-carry.  But, as I said, she's getting better at playing on her own and allowing me to spend more time working on dinner, so that, combined with more Sunday meal prep for the week, are how I plan to get more real meals on the table during the week.

Another goal is, like I said, to blog more, but that's a goal I have every year.  But I really do have great plans for this little blog this year...I hope you like it!

2. What's your favorite snow day activity?

Well, we have yet to have a snow day this year, which disappoints no one more than Mr. Geek.  In his opinion, the only benefit of living up north- as this is as far north as either of us has ever lived, here in Northern Virginia- is that from time to time, it snows enough to cancel work.  The entire month of January has now gone by with no days off!  When we do get the opportunity to be snowed in, my needs are simple- I good movie, a warm blanket, and some hot chocolate.  I've never particularly been a fan of sledding or snowmen, though I'd love the chance to really play in the snow with Miss Chief- though she seems to take after her Mommy when it comes to preferred snow day activities...

3. What is used more often in your kitchen this time of year- the oven or the slow cooker?

As much as I love to bake, I definitely find myself relying on my slow cooker more than my oven when it's cold outside.  I make this chili so much that I'm surprised Mr Geek continues to eat it, but I do sprinkle in this soup every now and then (although let's be honest, those recipes are super similar).  New goal- find some more soups to try!

Okay folks, it's your turn- answer any or all of these questions in a post on your blog and link up below!  The link-up is open all weekend.  I'm interested to read your posts!  Don't forget to include a link on your blog to this post!!!

Much love,
The Geeks

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  1. Hehe... OK, here I go! I thought it was funny that you use your crockpot more in the winter!

    I also have the eternal "blog more" goal every year. For meals at least, we are pretty regular about cooking 2-3 portions for 8 people and then eating those during the week. This week we'll have a rotation of three types of meat, three types of veggies and three types of starches, so we can mix and match if desired.