Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween from Abby Cadaby!

Friday night we went to Trunk-or-Treat at daycare, so we got to show off our costumes early (and get some candy!) as a test run for the real thing.  Since this little goober is absolutely obsessed with Sesame Street, and since Abby Cadaby is her favorite character, her costume was a no-brainer this year.

I assembled this quickly and easily- it's almost no-sew!  She's wearing a pink long-sleeved leotard, pink tights, and pink gloves as her "fur" (and to protect her from the cold without breaking character). I got a simple blue tank top and pink fairy wings from Amazon, and the wand was purchased from Sesame Place by her favorite aunt ;)  The only thing I made for this costume was her tutu.  I simply made an elastic waistband (using the same method I'd use to make her a regular skirt), cut 24" strips of turquoise and purple tulle, folded each strip in half and knotted it over the elastic.  I had also attached some smaller strips to the straps of the tank top using the same method, but she complained that they were scratchy (even though they weren't actually touching her skin but hey, toddlers) so I removed them.

The finishing touches on this look are pigtails with some purple yarn looped in, blue eye shadow, and big drawn-on freckles on her cheeks.

I went as a hastily thrown together Zoe, wearing an orange long sleeved shirt and orange tights as my "fur", a pink tshirt and pink tutu skirt as Zoe's ballerina outfit, and some pink and orange clip-in hair extensions to mimic her sparkly, multi-colored frizz.  (Mr Geek wore his Elmo tshirt to round out the crew, and carried Cookie Monster with him.)

We're so excited to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood tonight!

What are you dressing as for Halloween?

Much love,
The Geeks

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