Friday, April 26, 2013

Oh, Internet... {14}

Pregnancy-wise, this was a tough week.  I thought I'd figured out a way to beat morning sickness, but...yeah.  I didn't.  This was the last week of the first trimester, though, so in theory I should be done with the whole getting sick thing for a while...right?

The internet was nice and awesome this week, though.  Here are some non-vomit-inducing things from my internet this week:

Following up on last week, here are some Earth-ish planets, ranked from most Earth-y to least // via BoingBoing

-You can officially submit your comments to the TSA now about their awful, awful pornoscanners.  Here is one man's comment.

I am actually super pumped to see The Bling Ring.  Check out the newest trailer at Hypable!

Thanks to SCIENCE, you can now hear Alexander Graham Bell's voice! (Thanks, slashdot!)

Leaky is doing a LOST re-watch with some Starkids!!!!!  Eeeeek!

So what happened on your internet this week?

Much love,
The Geeks

Oh, Internet... is inspired by Kaelah Bee's Things I Love Thursday posts

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