Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh, Internet... {29}

Uh, so I didn't post anything on Wednesday.  OOPS.  I had planned on writing about this week's episode of So You Think You Can Dance but I had problems finding pictures in time for a post to go live Wednesday morning so...whoops.  But never fear- I do indeed have a roundup of the awesome things that happened on the internet this week!

Can I be normal-sized again so I can wear this? // via ModCloth
I love this super easy art project on Infarrantly Creative- and I love the fabrics even more!

The writers of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World have a Disney-themed house- but not in the way you'd think!  Check out pictures on BoingBoing!

Speaking of Disney- Stephanie from This Casita and her family went to Disneyland!  Read about how they planned what sounds like an awesome vacation.

Karisa Tells All is, as you know, one of the funniest blogs on the whole internet, and she recently celebrated a birthday.  Just read it.  She's awesome.

Shayla at Northern Exposure wrote a post this week similar to mine from Monday (only hers is a bit more eloquent).  Why do people- even well meaning people- seem to think that we first-time moms are suddenly helpless idiots who are barely able to function on our own?

I recently discovered Little Big, and this week she posted a wonderful list of delicious-looking recipes!

What awesome things happened on your internet this week?

Much love,
The Geeks


  1. thanks for calling me awesome again! You're too kind! I want that Modcloth dress too...can we both get it and be online dress twins? hahaha

    1. haha sure but only if we don't both wear it to the online prom, because that would be online awkward. :D